Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's all about the socks, folks!

It's the day you wait breathlessly for all week long...sock update day! Yahoo! But first a little PSA and a very exciting announcement...

The PSA - Yvonne, one of my wonderful test knitters and a Hood River gal, is working with Sarah at Knot Another Hat (man, do I wish I lived closer to that store!) to get together some yarn for their local middle school. If you have any nasty acrylic sitting around in your stash, please consider sending it in! You can find all the details here at Yvonne's blog.

The exciting announcement - As you can see from the sidebar, you guys have been buying the Karen's Sugar-Free Diabetes Walk Sock pattern (yay!). In addition, so many of you have been sharing how diabetes has touched your lives in some way through a friend, relative or even yourself. It seems like there isn't anyone who doesn't know someone suffering from this disease. I am so happy to be donating the proceeds from these pattern sales to Karen's walk, but I want to do more. I am happy to announce that after the pattern goes live on my website (hopefully before the end of the year), I will continue to donate $2 for every copy sold to diabetes research indefinitely. I can't wait to see how much money we knitters can raise for this great cause!

And now, on to the socks...

We've still got some dribs and drabs trickling in from August (I'm still trying to recover from all my e-mail issues, although it seems like it's mostly solved with my new gmail account).

First up is Beth with some very nice Regia socks.

Tonia's got two little August pairs.

Aimee sent this pic of her 3rd August pair - knit in Knit Picks Spring Prairie:

Uli made some gorgeous Trekking Socks in her own pattern and some waffle stitch socks, also in Trekking.

Emily had two pairs of August socks done but didn't get them pictured or posted because her beloved dog went missing. I am happy to report that Em's dog is back home, safe and sound, after being gone for 5 days! Hooray!

Sarah made these as a secret Xmas present for her daughter:

Her daughter's only 2, but she's still not posting a pic on her own blog, just in case! Hee hee!

Vigdis starts off the September socks with two pairs:


Rachel made some adorable Baby Feather & Fan socks and she's providing the pattern gratis for your knitting pleasure. She also made two pairs of gift socks that can't be shown (sorry!).

Johanna has adorable little pink baby socks.

Karen made some super-cool Bengals socks for her hubby as well as some civic minded socks (as in, knit while on jury duty).

Diane knit up some short little Jaywalkers out of some mystery fiber fest yarn:

Rachel finished up some top-secret gift socks that are very lovely but only I get to see them (one of the priviledges of being the knit-along queen bee).

Janin has a couple pairs of August brownie point socks as well as her September melon salad socks.

Dee knit up some Melanie's Twist socks.

Ragan managed to knit up three pairs of socks while dodging hurricane Ernesto. Sounds like Florence is going to hit Chez Ragan on Tuesday, so keep her family in your thoughts/prayers! I do not envy you kids in hurricane country!

Esther finished some Scale Skin socks. I'm not so sure about the name, but I love the socks!!!

Erica finished some glowing orange Embossed Leaves socks, but you'll have to scroll down past some serious yarn p*rn and the cutest picture of her boys (boy, they are just adorable) to see them!

Sheri made some lovely pink Broadripples.

Adrienne has also made some Scale Skin socks:

Again, love the socks, but what is up with that name? Makes me want to run out for some Lubriderm...

Silja knit up some cute little short socks with some help from her 2-year-old daughter. Seriously!

Lisa made up some kiddo socks with some yarn that she won during SAM1 from Jill.

Paula made some great green-and-white striped socks.

The ever-prolific Stariel finished a pair of Conwys and shows off some yarn that she got here in the beautiful Pacific NW on her recent visit.

Emily's whipped up another pair of Pedicure Socks.

Pat knitted some fabulous Unst socks.

Jill made some funky insomniac socks using a stitch pattern from a Japanese book. Too cool! She got some great b-day swag, too.

Debbie has gone sock-wild and made 6 pairs so far this month!

Nelda's got some Parade socks.

And last, but certainly not least, KellyD made these:

That's it for this week, folks! Keep 'em coming!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much sock knitting people have time for. :) Of course they probably aren't raising a two year old by themselves and going to school full time. :) It's going to be a challenge for me get even one pair a month done but I know I can do it. Thanks for hosting this KAL. It's great and I know it's a big time taker-uper (I'm sure that's a real word).

8:29 PM  
Blogger christine said...

Great pattern, Chrissy! I hit the "Buy now" button!

6:21 AM  
Blogger Lavendersheep said...

I'll take more than acrylic! I'll take pretty much every thing as long as there is plenty to knit with (like more than an ounce or 25 grams).

10:41 AM  

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