Sunday, August 27, 2006

We're on a roll!

I got so excited by my FOrgy of last week, I decided I need to get some more projects moving. First up was my Summer Sock Party sock, which turned out fabulously, if I do say so myself. I don't want to give away the farm, but here is a little tiny sneak peek. I will be offering this pattern for sale in the next few months, I hope!

I also got all inspired to knit something else just for me, from someone else's pattern, so I wound up the yarn my SP7 sent me for the Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan. However, it looks like I won't be continuing on this until I get some different needles. I can't find my size 6 Addis, so I'm using a bamboo circ and it's killing my wrists. Plus the tips aren't sharp enough to get under the laceweight yarn very well. I did order myself some of the new Knit Picks needles after hearing a few different rave reviews, so we'll see if I get reinspired when they finally get here. Plus the lace pattern is not very interesting, so I may lose patience with it before I get too far. Whinge, whinge, whinge.

If I need something else to work on, I don't have to look too far. Lookee what I got in the mail the other day:

Yup, that's a whole lotta Lorna's Laces (and yes, that's Lion and Lamb there on the left) that will be used for two projects for Kerrie Allman's upcoming book Handpainted Yarns (Kerrie is the editor extraordinaire of MagKnits. They're not due until the end of October, but it would be smart not to procrastinate, now, wouldn't it?

I attended a workshop yesterday given by Helen Hamann, the author of Andean Inspired Knits:

We got a copy of the book with the class and even though most of it isn't stuff I'd make for myself, she uses some really interesting techniques for construction and finishing - lots of facings, short rows, colorwork, embroidery, and a little technique we learned that she calls surface weaving:

First we backstitched a little square (the green), and then we wove yarn through the legs of each stitch to create the cool effect at the top. There is a sweater in the book that has an edging using this technique - very pretty. We also practiced some duplicate stitch (yippee) down towards the bottom. She had samples of all her sweaters at the class, and they are gorgeous.

Now for the socks! Before we start, it has come to my attention that I'm not getting all my e-mails. So, please feel free to re-email me and pester me until I respond or your update/name shows up (although give me until after Sunday, since I try to contain all SAM-related activity to Sundays so it doesn't take over my entire life...). If it seems like I'm ignoring you, it's probably because I haven't gotten your e-mail(s) or it's not Sunday yet! I check my spam folder every day, but it could be that some of them get deleted before I get to them even though I have my spam filter set on the absolute lowest level. Anyway, I apologize! And now, on with the socks...

Kathy made some Cabled Footies for her lucky SP8 spoilee.

ZhiWen has a couple pairs - some Conwys (how much do we all love that pattern?) and some Fixation Sorbet Coolers.

Johanna has a manly pair of August Socks done.

Christy knit up some awesome Hederas.

Rachel made some Sheri's Lace socks for her mom. She's also co-hosting an awesome new swap - Sock-ret Pal (you think it somehow involves socks?). Anyway, I was just thinking that I need another swap (yeah, like a hole in the head) since the One Skein Secret Pal and August Birthday Swap are both over, so I just e-mailed her to sign up. Sign-ups go to Oct. 1st or to 100 members, whichever comes first. According to Rachel's blog, they were up to 65 folks yesterday, so if you're gonna sign up, you'd better hurry!

Stacey finished a gorge pair of Gentleman's Socks.

Janin whipped up two lovely pairs of variegated socks.

Aimee knit up these lovely knee-socks - they are Evening Stockings from Knitting Vintage Socks:

Lolly made some beautiful Trekking socks. And those of you who participated last year will be delighted to hear that Lolly is planning Socktoberfest 2 in October. For those of you who didn't get in on it last year, be sure to join the fun this time around! Keep an eye on the ever entertaining Lolly Knitting Around for more details.

Tanya finished some green Jaywalkers:

Debbie, my awesome One Skein Secret Pal, has been going absolutely crazy with the socks this month! She has 8 pairs! Wowza!

Sara finished some cute little grey baby socks.

Kelly made these striped beauties:

Kristy knit up these STR lovelies:

Sarah made her hubby some Camo Socks, and took a picture of them on a rock. Did you guys know I was a geology major in college? I have a special place in my heart for rocks...

Crazy Knitting Lady has Cable and Rib socks done!

Anastacia finished two pairs of socks but due to circumstances beyond her control (as in, a fried motherboard), we're not able to see them. Bummer!

Stariel's got yet another pair of socks done.

Pat has Sockotta Socks and Trekking Socks done.

Vicki knit up some Neapolitan Ice Cream Socks. I've gotta get me some of that yarn - I love it!

Emily whipped up some Opal Faux Fair-Isle Socks on the train.

Sarah made these lovelies for her niece's Xmas present (I'm so frightened that people are already doing Xmas knitting, although it is rather smart to be getting it out of the way...):

Jamie finished two pairs - Trekking & Tropical Punch.

Nicola knit a pair of Awesome Unsts.

Teri made a lovely pair of variegated socks using some pretty handdyed yarn.

Deirdre knit up these very nice Straight Laced socks:

That's it for this week, folks! Thanks for sharing all your fabulous socks - every single pair is so gorgeous!

Also, don't be alarmed that the SAM1 stuff is gone from the sidebar - I just moved it to the archives.


Blogger Lolly said...

Thanks for mentioning Socktoberfest! It should be a great month ;)

Look at all of the great socks! and you are quite a lucky girl with all of the Lorna's Laces!

2:40 PM  
Blogger mf said...

Great sock from everyone!
Love those LL colors just gorgeous! Sooooo jealous!!

4:33 PM  
Blogger Christy said...

I just found out that my Hederas socks won the prize for best knitted item in the State Fair! I'm a gold medal winning, blue ribbon toting state champ! ;)

7:45 PM  
Blogger Jamie said...

Thanks for doing this! I am off to check out the photos of all these socks!

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Siri said...

Thanks again for putting so much effort into this. I enjoy seeing so many great socks all in one place.
So, I guess I've been too busy knitting socks to tell you about them:
1. Trekking Socks (they won a blue ribbon and an award for the Best Hand-knit Item in our local county fair:
2. Dreamsicle socks:
3. Wonderland socks:
4. Ottawa socks:

12:21 AM  

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