Saturday, September 02, 2006

Holey moley!

We have got a gazillion socks to update. So many, that I'm starting on Saturday! Well, that and the fact that we're going to the State Fair tomorrow if Sydney recovers from her 4-am barfing incident this morning (luckily Bill took care of that bulk of that one). I'm hoping that the new e-mail is working well, but if the number of socks that have been sent in this week are any indication, it's working a little TOO well!

Let's get started!

Missy starts the party with these most awesome pink and brown skull & crossbone socks.

Michelle finished a big pair of Jaywalkers. She's also doing a link exchange for The Sweet Sheep AND she's donating some of her lovely hand-dyed yarn as a SAM2 prize! I ordered some for myself, too, of course...

Lain finished a little pair of orange socks and a big pair of blue socks.

Adrienne knit up a couple beauties - first a blue pair of GI Dennis from the Townsend Sock KAL:

And a pair of Mystery Socks which she designed for Blue Moon:

Julie B made some socks from Kool-Aid yarn that she dyed with her son:

Rachel knit some lovely Feather & Fan socks.

Margo made some cute little toddler socks.

Charity made some fruity footies.

Ashley finished up a pair of Pomatomuses.

Robin has three pairs! Two pairs of Fixation footies (one adult, one baby):

and one pair of Jaywalkers knit in Knit Picks Memories, Fly Fishing colorway:

Jenni knit up a pair from her Dye-O-Rama Swap yarn.

Manda made some River Rapids Socks.

Zonda knit up a pair of funky black-and-red striped socks.

Siri has once again worked her magic with a pair of blue-ribbon-winning Trekking socks, some Dreamsicle Socks, Wonderland Socks and Ottawa Socks.

Silja made some "Bad Dye Job" socks.

Dave finished some lovely Trekking Socks.

Lyndsey-Jane finished some Unsts and a pair of Ribber Supersocks.

Mary made some Crazy Socks for her lovely daughter.

Virtuella made a pair of Opal footies, a pair of Snake Skin Socks, and a pair of Slinky Socks.

Sonya knit up her prize yarn from SAM1 and came up with some Oak Rib Socks. Nice!

Lisa made some stripey socks for her hubby (who loves them).

Emily tackled her first pair of socks and her first stranded project - at the same time! Go see.

Ginger made some toddler socks for the Dulaan Project.

Sillyewe made some big black socks for soldiers.

Stariel the Speedy has August baby socks, Cedar Creek socks (which I got to see in the yarn (is that the knitting equivalent of "in the flesh"?)), and our first pair of September socks - her Mystery Socks.

Karen made a pair of Hydrangea Socks for her daughter and a pair of Opal Elements socks (her 4th pair for August!).

Kelly knit up some Opal Petticoat socks.

Brenda made a pretty pair of Prayer Socks (is that a great idea or what?!?).

Ann finished a long-suffering pair of Railway Stitch Socks:

Tanya made up a little pair of Fleece Artist toddler socks.

Laura finished some RPM socks.

Chrissy also made a pair of RPMs. Nice!

Paula made some really cool weedy garden socks.

Shayla made some Hederas.

Miki finished a teeny little pair of baby socks.

Christine made a pair of Cabled Footies for her One Skein Secret Pal.

Esther made some stretchy Knit Picks Socks of her own design.

Kris made a pair of black Lozenge Socks.

Persnickety Knitter finished a long-suffering pair of Trekking Socks.

Karen finished up a crazy striped pair of cotton socks.

Manda made a pair of Twisted Socks from the Knit Picks pattern (if you guys ever see a cranberry pair of these in their catalog, those were knit by me in my short stint as a sample knitter for them!).

Abigail has two finished pairs for August but she has been too sick to blog about them. Check her blog soon for pics.

Jenipurr has two pairs as well, but no pics due to the hospitalization of her dad and an all-around crazy month. Her dad is on the mend, but I'm sure any thoughts/prayers you can send his way will be most helpful.

Tammy knit up a lovely pair of Butterfly Rib socks for her mom's birtday.

Our other Tammy made a some nice blue socks out of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport.

Bobbi shows off her Knit Sock Kit Swap socks, which she designed herself. She's going to offer the pattern free as soon as she can figure out how!

Lynn came in under the wire with a pair of Berroco Europa socks.

Michelle (who is SO crafty - go check out her blog if you have any doubt) made these POB (plain old boring) socks for her hubby:

Sheesh! Are we done yet? It feels like I've been doing this all day. Wait - I have! And no, we're not done yet. There shouldn't be a cold foot anywhere this winter with all these socks being knit!

Okay, next up are Yvonne's sherbet socks.

Amanda finished her German Flag socks.

Judy made up some lovely Romancing The Stone socks (using Socks That Rock - what else?).

Adelle made some Wool Ease eyelet socks.

Eva tried out the magic loop method on these baby socks and also made some Lapis Socks That Rock.

Linda made two pairs of baby socks and an unpictured pair of gift socks for her sister-in-law's birthday.

Whew! I think that's everyone. Again, if you thought you were supposed to be up here and you're not, e-mail me (knittinmom at gmail dot com). Now, I need a drink!


Blogger Emily said...

Sweety, I have some August socks, but with starting the new job and my dog dissapearind I didn't get around posting them this week. Well, I have been sick most of the last week too. I know it's all little excuse, but I have 2 pairs finished in August, can they count?

Thank you (off to look for my dog another day :'( )

1:01 AM  
Blogger wendy said...

Thanks for all the hard work...I love seeing such lovely socks!

11:17 AM  
Blogger ttbookjunkie said...

Wow! What a bunch of great socks! I have to get going on my September socks now that I have seen all the soxy inspiration.


1:08 PM  
Blogger mf said...

hmmm I guess you didn't get my email, I wantedto join too and play ;o)

6:06 PM  
Anonymous sprite said...

Kudos to you for writing all this up! I hope you enjoyed the fair today as a well-deserved treat!

10:56 PM  
Blogger lexa said...

Wow - huge update! Your link to Lain's orange socks and her blue socks are taking my to The Sweet Sheep. Oh, the pressure to buy! I set an account up but haven't ordered - yet!

3:02 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

I LOVE seeing all the August socks. I'm thrilled that I made it to the roster but I hope that my August socks count as I wasn't counted in the pics above.

So many socks ...

1:10 PM  

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