Sunday, September 11, 2005

A package of yarny goodness

Okay, I'm going to try to recreate my post from this morning. Stupid computers! I was so excited to share the little package that my mailman left yesterday afternoon. My Knit Picks order FINALLY arrived. Do they ship via horse-drawn carriage? It seems like their packages take for-ev-er to get here.

I got this:

which I'm going to use to make these for my father-in-law and brother-in-law. The grey is going to be swatched for Branching Out.

I also got a couple hanks of lace yarn:

I was going to use the brown for Branching Out, but I ended up frogging the little bit that I did because it was too fine to really show the pattern off. So, these are going in the stash for now. They are both gorgeous, though.

And, this:

The orange is going to become a pair of socks, and the pink Shine is going to be swatched for Hopeful. I'm not sure that it's stretchy enough, but I might go for it anyway since I really don't want that form-fitting of a sweater. I can't wait to get them all started.

Which brings up a point I was thinking about last night - I am an adulterous knitter! I get really intense about a project (or two), but then when a pretty new yarn comes along, I get totally distracted thinking about how to get it on my needles. I start feeling like something is missing from my life if I don't have at least three projects going... What does this say about me?

Speaking of which, the Fall Knitty is out. I allowed myself to look, which might've been a big mistake. I'm trying to control myself. But check out Josephine, and Lacey, and Falling Leaves, and Samus... I really didn't want to look, but I couldn't help myself. I can't believe all these patterns are free.

I also have a strange affinity for frogging. I managed to get Culvert totally frogged yesterday. Here it is now:

I think it's because I love the yarn, and if I'm only so-so about the finished product, I'd much rather get the yarn back out so I can make it into something as lovely as it deserves to be. The work that I put into the failed project doesn't really bother me, since I really do use knitting as therapy. However, I don't think I'd be able to relax if I had great yarn trapped in a lousy sweater. And I really love that GGH soft kid! I was worried about how it would frog, since it can be really sticky. It got de-fuzzed a bit when it was coming out, but it survived quite nicely. I got inspired while fondling it and am now knitting up a little secret something that I'm going to submit for the Winter Knitty.

Okay, here goes...I'm going to try to publish... But first, I'm going to copy this message so that I have it if Blogger tries to obliterate it again!


Blogger Karen said...

No, you are not an adulterous knitter, it's just that there are so many GREAT patterns and yarns out there, it's hard to choose. I wrote my post tonight before I read yours, but you will see I'm going through the same thing. :) Oh yeah, I placed my first order with KnitPicks today, so I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting??

6:48 PM  
Blogger keohinani said...

Mmmm...yarn...*drool* i totally commiserate with you on the whole new yarn distraction thing. i get so excited when i get a new yarn that i want to knit it up as soon as i get it because i want to know what it looks like. especially self-striping sock yarn...mmm *drool* it's taking a lot of discipline for me NOT to buy stuff from knitpicks because then i won't have money for gas. no gas money, no going to work, no getting paid, no more buying more yarn. it's a viscious cycle, really.

2:17 AM  

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