Friday, September 09, 2005

I decided to be selfish...

Well, I mulled over my stash, and decided to knit something for myself. I started on the Mini Poncho from the fall IK. Now, I definitely don't consider myself a poncho person, but there was something about this one that caught my eye. I really love the lacy stitch. I got a little bit of a start on it last night:

I do have one question, though - the pattern calls for a size 7 needle. What the heck is up with that?!? I read the pattern, diligently got out my 7s and cast on 10 stitches. Hmm...10 stitches to 4 inches? That's going to be interesting. Maybe there's something about the stitch that I haven't figured out yet that will stretch it way out. I knit a few rows in pattern. Hmm, 2 inches. Not even close. I pulled out some 10s. 2-1/2 inches. Tired of swatching the same thing over and over with no progress, I broke out the 15s. Finally, my 10 stitches made it to 4 inches. I don't know how ANYONE could get gauge with this yarn (I am using the yarn they called for in the pattern - KnitPicks Andean Silk) and size 7 needles. I am a tight knitter, but I don't think I knit that tightly...

I finished sewing the seams on Sydney's cardigan yesterday. I wish I could show you all a picture! It turned out really great. But, I want to keep my publishing options open, so it has to be a secret for now. I will give away a couple of hints, though... I used The Knitter's Book Of Finishing Techniques to assist with sewing on patch pockets, and they really turned out great. I've only seamed using back-stitch and whip-stitch before, and weaving seams makes such a HUGE difference in how the finished garment looks. I figure that if I'm going to become a master knitter, I'd better get my act together as far as finishing goes! I would recommend that book to anyone who needs a little help with their finishing. I am going to submit the design for the Winter 2006 issue of Creative Knitting. We'll see what happens! If they don't go for it, I may reknit it in a different yarn (it's in Plymouth Encore now, chosen for its extreme washability) and submit it to IK or Knitty. It is pretty exciting to have my first sweater design turn out so well, and Sydney looks adorable in it. It will be great for preschool, if nothing else!


Anonymous Kimberley said...

Chrissy, betcha anything it was a misprint and they meant 17, not 7. Anything this lacy is going to need a really big needle!! I would love to get the pattern number from you as I need one in black!!

Thanks to for stopping by my site Chrissy. Please do share the pie recipe with your grandmother. It is heaven on earth.

Best, Kimberley

9:55 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Hmm, don't know what happened, but I tried it out myself because I was so perplexed. I posted pictures on my blog. Did you stretch the lace out a lot while checking gauge? Anyway, feel free to use that E-mail me button if it continues to not work out.

Can't wait to see Sydney's Cardigan in Creative Knitting. I'm thinking positive for you and assuming it'll be in there. I might have to actually buy it just to see the cardigan!

11:10 AM  
Blogger candsmom said...

Best wishes to you in getting your design published..looking forward to seeing it. I wish the weather got cold enough here to make sweaters for the kids...or anyone else, for that matter! :) Thanks for stopping by my site; I'm really enjoying your blog and will be visiting again as soon as I get the kids to stop killing each other in the living room. :P

2:45 PM  

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