Thursday, September 08, 2005

I got a tag all the way from Hawaii!

I got tagged for a meme by my Knittyheads webring neighbor, Keohinani (how's that for an awesome name?. As if my kids weren't already annoyed enough at me for all the time I spend on the computer, here go the answers:

ten years ago: I was a newly-minted 21. I was just starting my senior year of college at Macalester, majoring in Geology. I'd just returned from a semester abroad in Australia and was about to hit my senior slump big-time.

five years ago: I was 26 and newly married. We were living in our first house in south Minneapolis and I was in my 4th year working as a software designer. My company had gone public the previous winter and my stock options paid for a great big wedding and awesome honeymoon on safari in S. Africa and Botswana. However, by now the stock had hit the skids and I was no longer a paper millionaire! It was nice while it lasted (the options weren't vested yet, so I never could've actually SPENT a million dollars...).

one year ago: I was a couple months pregnant with Owen. We were desperately trying to figure out how to move from So. Cal. to Oregon to be closer to my in-laws. We were busy cleaning the house and fixing it up in order to put it on the market (we did things backwards - sold our house in CA, bought our house in OR and THEN Bill got a job up here! It could've really backfired on us, but we were lucky!).

five snacks:
-Pirate's Booty
-chewy Chips Ahoy
-salted peanuts
-Cool Ranch Doritos

five songs I know all the words to:
-Free Fallin' by Tom Petty
-We Are The Dinosaurs by Laurie Berkner (kid's song)
-Mamma Mia by ABBA
-Triangle Man by They Might Be Giants
-Who Can It Be Now? by Men At Work

five things I would do with $100 million:
-buy a big house on the ridge a few blocks from our current house
-pay for college for the kids
-have more kids (and hire a part-time nanny to watch them while I knit!)
-buy condos in Hawaii, Jackson Hole and on the Oregon Coast
-never feel guilty for buying yarn!

five places to run away to:
-Queensland, Australia
-Hong Kong
-Cape Town, S. Africa

five things I would never wear:
-a bikini
-hip-hugger jeans
-hot pants
-anything that's impossible to wear without your bra straps showing!

five favorite tv shows:
-Knitty Gritty
-The Simpsons
-Curb Your Enthusiasm

five biggest joys:
-my husband
-my kids
-traveling someplace new

favorite toys:
-my computer
-my ball winder & swift
-the navigation system in my new minivan
-my digital camera
-my son's toes

five people to pass this on to:
Since Keohinani already tagged Karen, I can't send it to her, so...
Miss McSpazzitron (quick, before Karen gets her)
Mamma (because she neglects her kids to blog, too)
Jillian (because she's another knitting Geologist)
Rainberryblue (founder of the cool Momma To A Boy webring)
Ideaphoria (because she's next in my Pacific Northwest Fiber Bloogers webring)


Blogger candsmom said...

My daughter's toes are one of my favorite toys, too! I should've thought to list that in my meme. Your kids are too cute! They look to be close in age to my crazy twosome, too.

2:37 PM  

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