Monday, September 05, 2005

Yay for Labor Day!

Today is starting off with a bang! My husband's off running a 10k race around Forest Park, the kids are sleeping, the house is quiet...the only thing better would be if it were clean and I had an Eldridge-sized soy caramel mocha from Jim & Patty's, the best coffee shop on the planet (the Eldridge is the gargantuan size - I haven't ever seen a cup that big at another coffee place. It's great for me since I can down a Starbucks venti in about 5 minutes).

First, a little hurricane business. Here is a picture of the prize (one of a gazillion generously donated by knitters) I'm offering to donors who register through the Give A Little campaign (see the button at the top of my sidebar). I'm also throwing in my gently used copy of the Baby Cashmerino pattern book, but I didn't want to disturb a sleeping baby to get it for the picture.

You may have read my earlier post where I was ragging on this yarn for being too heavy. Well, I've revised my opinion. The blanket that I made out of it is really nice, and Owen loves it. I would use this yarn again!

You will also notice that I added another button to the sidebar for Katrina Rib. This is a great new pattern designed by Cookie. It's available for $5, with $15 going to Katrina victims for each pattern sold. You can't beat that! She's raised $915 already! I am putting this away for a rainy winter day since I'm overloaded with other things to knit right now, but it will be great to wear next spring/summer when I've (hopefully) lost all of the baby weight that is still stubbornly clinging to me!

Last night, Bill and I stayed up late and watched The Grudge. That is one CREEPY movie! My palms were all sweaty, and the hair on Bill's arms was literally standing on end. I haven't seen a movie that creepy in a long time. I keep using the word creepy because it wasn't really that scary - it was just...well, creepy. I was trying to work on Culvert, so I'd be alternately knitting like crazy, trying to get my pulse back to normal, and watching the tv, paused in mid-stitch, waiting for the creepy little boy or his creepy mom to appear out of the shadows again. Bill got so creeped out that he told me he was going to bed about halfway through the movie - he couldn't take it anymore. I was going to change the channel and watch something a little more benign for awhile to settle me down before I tried to go to sleep. We have the kind of DirecTV guide that has a little picture of the current channel up in the right-hand corner so you can watch it while you surf the guide. As soon as I went into the guide, Bill was like, "I want to see this part! Go back!" After he did this three times, he gave in and stayed until the bitter end. It was too fun - we never get to do stuff like that anymore!

We tried giving Owen his first bowl of cereal last night with fair results. He didn't seem to mind the taste, although he looked a little alarmed at the first couple of spoonfuls. But, he kept spitting it right out as soon as it went in. It became kind of like a game to him - he loves blowing raspberries, and he liked it even better when he could blow through a mouthful of cereal! I'm not sure how much, if any, he actually swallowed. You've got to start somewhere, right? He did love sitting in the highchair and chewing on the shoulder straps.

I'm a little afraid of him doing that, since I'm not sure what's on those straps (this was Sydney's chair and of course hasn't been cleaned since she used it last), but I figure what doesn't kill him only makes him stronger, right? Plus anything that will occupy him for fifteen minutes or so is a great thing.

And just so my dearest daughter doesn't feel left out, here is a picture of her being a couch potato. I was going to include this in Friday's post, but Blogger wasn't letting me upload any more pictures. So here it is - better late than never.

She'd better enjoy her last few weeks of freedom before she's sent off to preschool to be whipped into shape by the nuns!


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