Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My daughter just fell in the toilet...

Yes, she did. She forgot to put her little potty seat on the toilet before sitting down, and ended up taking a swim in the bowl. Not a pretty sight! Somehow she managed to keep her clothes completely dry - I'm not sure how that happened. Ah, the joys of potty training.

On the knitting end of the stick, I managed to get the cow about halfway frogged yesterday.

The sleeves are rolled into those pretty little balls, courtesy of Ball Winder & Swift (yes, I consider them proper nouns because they are so awesome). I have to say, frogging intarsia really sucks! All the different colors are all wrapped around each other, so you have to do a lot of picking with the darning needle to get them all sorted out. I have a bunch of extra yarn, so I'm half considering just leaving the rest of it intact as an exhibit in the failure hall-of-fame.

Last night, the NE Knitting Mommies met at my house to avoid any problems with Labor Day closures. It was so comfortable, we're going to do it every week. My husband even suggested that we meet here more often so it gives us more incentive to keep the house clean! Now our 30-weeks-pregnant member can stretch out in the recliner instead of sitting in a hard straight-backed chair. We had a great time knitting felted bags, eating brownies (yes, I baked, but it was from a box so don't give me too much credit) and playing with Ball Winder & Swift. That sounds a little x-rated, doesn't it? I can assure you, it was all good, clean fun.

Yesterday the family & I went to OMSI to the annual Reptile & Amphibian exhibit.

Do you think this python could've made pretty quick work of Sydney? Good thing he was behind glass, although she really wanted to get in there with him. The Princess allowed us to look at the frogs and snakes for about 15 minutes before she dragged us up to the science playground so she could play with scissors.

And here I am, modeling the latest in babywearing chic (along with my new glasses, which I love!):

Okay, Owen is going to burst a blood vessel if I type for a single minute longer. Toodles!


Blogger mamma said...

Don't you just love potty training. My favorite part is the unexplained puddles in the carpet. You never know if it's a mild sippy cup spill or something more ominous.
Your glasses are great. I can never find a pair I'm willing to wear in public.

5:36 AM  
Blogger pleutim said...

Apologize to your daughter for me but I just had to chuckle. We're at least a year and a bit away from potty training here (I hope he trains easily and early!) but I imagine we'll have all sorts of experiences too.

Welcome to Momma to a Boy, too. We're pretty small but slowly growing.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

I just love that your daughter fell in the toilet! Well, I feel badly that you had to fish her out and I don't know if she'll be upset about it, but it's darn funny!

Ah the stories we tell.

11:39 AM  

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