Friday, September 02, 2005


I am making suprising progress on the sweater I will call Culvert. I guess it's technically called the "Sassy Sweater" (the name given it on Knitty Gritty), but I just can't call a sweater of mine "Sassy". Since the sweater is basically a big gray tube with some ribbing on it, I've dubbed it Culvert.

It's turning out great. I have an inch more to knit on the other sleeve, then about 4 inches to knit on the neck until I do the decrease row and bind off. I went to the gargantuan Fabric Depot with my mother-in-law a few days ago to buy the ribbon for the belt. The fact that it has a belt makes it pretty breastfeeding-unfriendly, but I won't be breastfeeding forever (I hope) and can always wear it when I'm away from the child. I hope to get the second sleeve joined up tonight.

Here is what happens to a nicely wound ball of pink yarn when your two-year-old sneaks off and has her way with it.

Fortunately she likes to brag about everything she does so she brought it in to show to me before she made things even worse. I was planning to design her a pillow out of this yarn, but now I'm not so sure!

You may notice, if you've peeked at my sidebar lately, that I've joined a couple more knit-alongs. Because I don't have enough going on already. Well, I've been meaning to make a large felted bag for knitting/diapers, and when I read the story of Spork on Larissa's blog, I knew this was the bag for me. Especially since I met her and her adorable baby guy once at Mabel's back when my playgroup was meeting there on Wednesday nights (before us NE-erners decided we were too lazy to drive all the way down there). How fun will it be to knit something designed by someone I've actually met?

Then, since I was in such a joining mood, I joined the Branching Out KAL since I'm planning to knit this up for a Christmas present anyway (if you get this from me for Xmas, act surprised, okay? I don't think the person who's getting this reads my blog, so I'm not too worried...). I'm also trying to get my design submissions ready for the winter publication deadlines. I'm going to submit Sydney's cardigan to Creative Knitting and her pillow to Knitty. So many things to knit, so little time!

Playgroup was a lot of fun this morning. We had five other kids and three moms come, and they managed to play most of the time without fighting. Then 11:30 rolled around, and they all melted down at once. It was pretty funny, actually. You could tell lunch and nap time was near. My little couch potato is now watching Blues Clues and trying to recover from the stress of everyone playing with her toys. She actually did really great - she's turned into a good little sharer.

Well, Owen is screaming and trying to pound on the keyboard, so it's time to wrap it up. It takes twice as long to type everything with one hand while a baby is chewing on the other.


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