Sunday, December 02, 2007

Waiting for the bread to rise...

Bill mentioned that I haven't done a blog post in a few days, so I thought I'd whip one up while waiting for the bread to finish its first rise. Yes, I'm still making bread! Go figure. I also made applesauce this morning - yummy!

Anyway, I've been working on some toys while waiting for yarn and needles. Yarn arrived in the mail on Thursday and I got my needles at the shop yesterday during my shift, so now I have no more excuses for putting off my work knitting. But in the interim, I made Bronty:

This was a fun little knit, but I'm waiting anxiously for my Prehistoric Pals booklet to arrive so I can make some dinos that are a little more substantial. Owen really needs a big fat T-rex in his stocking!

I've also been working on the fairy from the Dream Toys book.

I need to find some felt so I can make her face and then get her sewn together and stuffed. I also bought some yarn for her dress (RYC Natural Silk Aran) and hair (Artyarns Silk Mohair):

This is going to be one classy fairy doll! There's also a princess dress in the book that should also fit on this doll (depending on how much it would interfere with her wings), so I might make that as well so Sydney can play dress-up. And of course the unicorn will be made with pink mohair for its mane and tail...

It's so much fun knitting from someone else's pattern for a change - especially for these toys since 3-D knitting design is definitely not my forte.

Finally, here is my lovely new Jordana Paige knitting bag, which I bought last week at Twisted as a Christmas present to myself (and my new crochet book, too):

I love this bag! My only complaint is that I tend to stuff it too full, and that makes the clasp pop open when I set it down. But when I have a reasonable amount of stuff in it (my knitting and my wallet, as opposed to my knitting, an extra project or two, my lunch, a soda, a coffee mug and my wallet), it's great.

And now it's time to form my bread into a loaf and let 'er rise again. Happy December, everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get back to baking bread and that sort of thing. We are going to try to go a little healthier and organic around here but it may be a slow process. I also love that bag. It is beautiful. Of course I'd need me one in pink but I think that purple color may be pretty enough to make me want something not pink. That's when you know it must be a good color. :)

10:20 PM  
Blogger Vicki said...

I love all the pink for the fairy. What a lucky girl :)

8:15 AM  

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