Friday, November 16, 2007

Look what I made!

Yes, I had to take a picture of my masterpiece.

No, I didn't make the crust myself, although I'm tempted to try it next time. The quiche has chopped deli ham, frozen spinach sauteed with garlic in olive oil, cheddar & parmesan cheese, cream, milk and four fresh backyard eggs. It needed to cook about ten more minutes, but other than that, it was great. I have one more frozen crust, so I'm going to make it again when my mom's here next week. The next one will be perfect!

Today I decided to forgo the playgroup at Abundant Yarn in favor of making bread. Owen's going through a very pissy phase right now, and I just don't have the energy for public tantrums. To give you an example of his current "normal" behavior, this morning we had an extremely heated argument about toast. He wanted toast, but he didn't want me to cook it. I gave him a piece of regular bread. No, he wanted toast. I tried to put it in the toaster, and freak-out ensued. "Don't cook it, Mommy! Don't cook it!" I patiently tried to explain that without cooking, you couldn't have toast. Flopping on the floor, kicking, and much screaming was the result of my efforts.

Bread baking was almost as fun. Owen insisted on trying to help, which basically meant that he tried to grab everything I was working with in order to dump it out on the floor. I finally managed to give him his own little ball of dough to play with on the kitchen table, which allowed me to get my dough kneaded and safely into the oven to rise. Sigh. I love being a 2-year-old's mom.

In my non-baking free time, I'm working on a crazy mountain of swatches. Here are the ones I've got done so far:

These will be going off to various places for next winter's publications. I've still got a bunch more to do, but they're working up pretty quickly. I just need to make myself sit down and do them. Swatches are harder than just picking up a project and working on it because you need to come up with your idea, find the yarn you want to use, find the right needles (a challenge in my messy office), figure out if the stitch pattern you want to use is going to work, rip out several times (it's rare that I get a swatch right on the first try), and all you have to show for your work is this little square. It's definitely not my favorite part of designing, but it can be fun when I come up with something good and get a glimpse of the larger possibilities.

And now it's time to check on that bread - please, please be nice and risen!


Blogger Jocelyn said...

Nice quiche! When Owen gets older, he'll cross his arms, tap his feet and say things like "you are going to make those pumpkin rolls again, this year, right?" Then there's "I don't care if you make that pumpkin roulade for dessert, but that'll be in addition to the chocolate pecan pie, right? My poor bossy/panicked 10 yo daughter!

12:32 PM  
Anonymous larissa said...

The funny thing is, the new menu item at Abundant Yarn today was "TOAST, with organic jam - $1.75" :-) We missed you.

10:03 PM  

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