Saturday, November 10, 2007

House of Naughtiness

Owen has been on a streak lately. He's hit the "terrible twos" with a vengeance that Sydney never had. In the past two days, he's:

- pushed his highchair around the kitchen and taken liberties with anything on the bottom shelves of the cabinets
- run around the house brandishing knitting needles, scissors, a screwdriver and one of those hefty MagLite flashlights
- thrown an entire new roll of toilet paper into the toilet (right after using it, of course - although I guess I should be happy he's using the potty!)
- taken a single bite out of each of a several apples and pears sitting on the kitchen cabinet, then left them there to turn brown
- dumped an entire box of Cheerios out on the backseat of the car
- taken to calling everyone "'tupid jerk" with impunity
- pulled all big utensils out of the silverware drawer and used them to do various unknown things around the house, including the potato masher, pizza wheel, ice cream scooper and corkscrew
- refused to wear pants for more than five minutes at a time (fortunately he only does this at home and doesn't insist on going commando in public)

We've got our hands full with this's a good thing he's so darn cute!!!

They look innocent enough, don't they? This was taken right before they decided to pull a bunch of my freshly folded laundry off the table and haul it around the house. For the second time today. No wonder I never get anything done around here.


Anonymous Mims said...

you have patience beyond my imagination.

and i tagged you with a meme.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous larissa said...

I love the shirt on Owen. It just makes the photo.

2:29 PM  

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