Monday, June 12, 2006

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

I've got a boatload of pictures to show you. While I didn't manage to take any pictures of us actually camping, I did take a few before we left. The kids both got new sleeping bags (REI Kindercones), and here is Sydney modeling hers:

Owen wouldn't sit still long enough to model his, so here's Bill doing it for him:

Doesn't it look like he's being swallowed by some sort of weird fish/snake? And check out Owen practicing for his future periodontal career.

The kids decided that they'd rather sleep like this instead of in their own bags:

It was a this point when I decided to go shopping for my own one-person tent...

While all this heavy-duty picture taking was going on, I took a couple snaps of my Spring Feet Swap Socks, which of course were on my feet at the time:

Look at those matching stripes! Aren't they pretty? They kept my feet warm all weekend and are about to get a much-needed bath so I can put them back on. Jenipurr also included a box of shortbread, all the way from Ireland (these socks've got some Irish in 'em, having been partially knitted there) along with a lovely kitty card. How did she know I was a total shortbread fanatic?

And here is the gift basket sent to my by the lovely Tammy, my spoilee from SP7.

Mmm, coffe, tea and chocolate! What could be better? And yes, I know, the last to pics in this post are not centered. Blogger, for whatever reason, refused to load any more centered pics. Go figure.

Today was a pretty good mail day, too. I got the Hip Knits sock yarn!

The two lovelies in the middle are the cashmere (and it is just decadent). Funny thing is, it smells soooo good. You know how sometimes yarn just smells delicious? That's how this stuff is. One of those hanks is going to be a prize for you sock-a-monthers, and the rest are going to be designs for the Hip Knits Sock Club. I haven't decided which one to put in the prize basket - what do you guys think? It's between the middle two.

I'm currently knitting my way through the Big Girl Knits 2 sweater. I've found myself becoming monogamous to these design projects. I'll swatch while I'm knitting them, but I haven't been inclined to start more than one at a time. What's up with that? It's quite different from my 5-projects-going-at-all-times frenzy of the spring...

Anyway, this sweater is going to be a cardigan, but it's knit in the round. This is because of some colorwork that will be going on the yoke. What does cardigan-in-the-round-with-colorwork mean? Yup! Steeking! Eeek! I've steeked a swatch, but never an actual sweater. Perhaps a design assignment is not the best time to start? But hey - why be timid? I really hate the expression "balls out", but sometimes you just gotta go for it.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Ooooo, cashmere sock yarn... That sounds glorious!

Looks like you guys had a great time camping!

6:29 PM  
Blogger jennie said...

de-lurking for a moment to say "hurrah!" for the very concept of cashmere sock yarn. This seems to be a decadence that only knitters (and, I imagine, very very wealthy people) enjoy. Let me know how it knits up -- I've been drooling over it ever since I first saw it.

4:27 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Sydney looks so cute in here sleeping bag!! :) And I am always amazed at the fact that Owen is not a little boy - not a baby. Mmmm, cashmere sock yarn.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

well, heck. this is the only way I can actually go balls out. It's totally knitter appropriate! And wow, bill actually fits in the kids bag?

9:22 AM  
Blogger amylovie said...

I can't wait to see you BG2 sweater. The first book has done very well at the shop.


4:47 AM  
Blogger keohinani said...

man, i am drooooooooooling over that sock yarn. cashmere sock yarn!? oh gosh, someone catch me! *swoon* i've been lurking about your blog, taking sidelong glances at the yarn. i'll have to invest in (yet another) sock club, but it's worth it just from looking at that sampling there. cashmere or no, i am TOTALLY down for the sock yarn.
the ohana pics are as adorable as ever! loves it! you are truly blessed. seriously, living in portland, knitting and designing, raising kidlets, and getting goodies in the mail? i'd say your quality of life is absolutely priceless :) (not to mention, i'm so happy at least ONE person who read that post understood me.)

5:39 PM  

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