Sunday, May 28, 2006

Socks, socks, socks!

As promised, today is all about the socks. We've got a bunch!

First are a pair of baby booties from Yvonne. I know, I know, babie booties aren't allowed, but these are actually made in the round with a short-row heel and toe. So, even though they don't look exactly like socks, they're made with sock construction and so they qualify for her first brownie point. Plus they are pretty darn cute!

Carry finished a pair of awesome Gryffindor socks.

Helene gets two brownie points for two pairs of Jaywalkers - one big and one very, very small! And she gets a third brownie point for these extremely cool Soxies Sandal Socks.

Cece finished her "carry along" socks while at bluegrass camp learning to play the banjo. How cool is that?

Sheri gets yet another brownie point for her beautiful Yukon Leaves.

Stariel finished up and sent off a pair of Dublin Bay socks for some lucky swap partner.

Tara knit up a pair of Fuzzy Feet for her sister.

Tonia gets a brownie point for some Simply Lovely Lace Socks. I'll let the name speak for itself!

Julia has two pairs of socks this month - some Regia Nation Color "Fun" socks and some Regia Alberta socks.

Ragan's got green brownie point socks!

Helga finished some lovely pink Maisocken.

Jen has two pairs of socks for us - one Simply Lovely Lace and one Magic Stripes that DON'T MATCH. What, you say? The Knitting Spaz has made socks that don't match? And they weren't immediately frogged? It's true! Go see for yourself.

Karen finished a pair of Flamingo Sixth Sense Socks. Very nice!

Ann finished another pair of Simple Stripes socks. She promises to find a new pattern for June, but we don't mind, do we?

Christine finished some Regia cotton socks for her sister.

Lisa finished a second pair of Unity socks.

Zonda finished her first pair of 2-circ socks. Congrats! Once you go circular, it's hard to go back!

Jennifer finished a pair of Simply Lovely Lace Socks which she found to be quite slow due to the k-tbl. Um, she's not gonna like my Big Girl Knits 2 sock pattern! That's all I have to say about that!

Quikeye has yet another pair of May socks - some Hederas from the Knitty pattern.

Wendy's got two pairs - a big one and a little one - that she finished in the car during a long, hot trip to Tucson.

Kristy in NC cranked out these brownie point socks for her 15-year-old son, who actually requested more hand-knit socks! She's done something right...

Kat felted some bags and finished some Happy Socks.

Sonya gets a brownie point for blue rib and cable socks.

Linda knit up some Bubble Wrap Socks for her lucky friend Miss B.

Abigail finished two pairs of socks so far this month - some Margaritaville lace socks and some simple anklets for a sock swap.

Siri made some Elfines for a very lucky friend's birthday.

Hege made a pair Hiiumaas from Knitting On The Road for her hubby.

That's it for the socks! And I just want to say, please don't be offended if I don't come up with any description for your socks. Sometimes it's just hard for me to be creative and I feel like I waaaay overuse the adjectives "lovely", "awesome" and "gorgeous" already. I love all the socks you guys make and lack of wordiness in your little blurb is just a reflection of my writer's block, not that your socks are less exciting than any of the others...

I also want to put in a little plug for my blog bud Karen's budding blog-related business (how's that for alliteration?).

Karen was my very first commenter (we started our blogs at just about the same time), and we instantly struck up an online friendship. For a long time, we'd comment on each other's every post and even though we've both gotten busier and busier in this craziness called blogging and don't comment as obsessively as we used to, I still love to see her blog light up in Bloglines. It has been really fun to watch her grow as a knitter, and now, after quitting a soul-sucking job last fall, she is starting up a fledgling blog-related graphics business.

So, if you're graphics-challenged (or time-challenged, like I am), go check out her stuff!

Knittin' Mom, out!


Blogger Karen said...

The end of the month always keeps you very busy, sock-wise, huh?? Thank you so much for taking extra time to put in a mention for me too. :) I loved what you wrote, it made me think of how far we have both come from the days when we were the only ones who read each other's blogs. LOL You'll always have me as one of your most faithful readers (and hopefully a better commenter too - as I learn to balance my new business with my blog reading!!) Kisses!!

5:46 AM  
Blogger Ragan said...

Wow, all of those socks! I love looking at all of them and getting ideas. :)

5:51 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

I just wanted to let you know I finished up my May socks with just minutes to spare! :D They are the Trekking XXL #107 socks, my socks that I described on my podcast as being "meh". I started them during finals in early May, so they will be known as my Final Exam socks! (Very plain jane socks, because I needed mindless knitting!)

I'm up for June & July socks too! I'll let you know as soon as I have the June ones done!

11:17 PM  

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