Sunday, May 07, 2006

And let the May sock craziness begin...

But first, I'm going to complain a little bit about my weekend. Yesterday I woke up with an upset stomach, and could barely move all day for fear of becoming something out of the Exorcist. I could barely even knit (that's how bad it was)! It feels a little bit better this morning, but it's still not great. I find it so unfair when I'm sick on the weekend, although with the kids it's actually the best time to be sick (otherwise I have to deal with them alone, which isn't always easy even when in perfect health).

Sydney is currently going through an awful phase. Everything that comes out of her mouth is either screamed or whined. I'm ready to kill her by 11 am most days. I'm hoping she grows out of it soon - Bill keeps reassuring me that it's just another developmental stage, but I'm half convinced that we're raising a horrible brat. And Owen's not much better - he wanders around the house, keeping an eye out for anything that he's not supposed to have. Knitting needles, scissors, soda cans...if he spots something, he immediately grabs it and is IRATE when I take it away. He won't play with toys - he just walks around the house grumbling like a little bear (or screaming like a little pterodactyl) if he can't have something extremely dangerous in his little mitts. Where did my sweet children go? I want them back!

Okay. I feel better now. We've got some socks, folks! Check it out!

Let's start out with Julie, who is a late April entry with her sockapaloooza socks.

And another late April entry from Christine (aka pointy sticks podcast goddess). When's that new episode coming out, chica?

Monica finished up a pair of Cable & Rib socks out of Mt. Colors Mt. Goat. I'm so curious about that yarn - good to hear that it was great to knit with!

New knit-alonger Bee starts off strong with a pair of Elfine's socks.

Adelle finished her Cedar Creek socks from the Blue Moon sock club.

Siri has yet another brownie point for her Sockapaloooza socks (yet another late April entry).

Rachel finished some lovely Pomatomi for her Sockapaloooza pal.

Elspeth's Sockapaloooza socks spilled into May, but they're done and she's included the pattern for them as well!

Nelda has some Baby Cable Rib socks done for May. Hmm...those look exactly like my Twisted Socks from the Knit Picks pattern. Just goes to show, there isn't much new in knitting, something I learned yet again when the Mag Knits Milanese Lace Sock pattern came out (I swatched this stitch pattern for socks two months ago but didn't ever take it to the next step - lucky for me!).

Ragan finished some Jaywalkers for her mom. I love how the simple stripes yarn looks in that pattern! I think I'm going to have to try that, someday, when I actually have time to knit something for myself again...

Sillyewe finished her Sockapalooza socks and snapped a pic of a very bizarre car accident...

Tonia finished a nice pair of stripey socks.

Stariel has some Sixth Sense Socks and Ladybug Socks done already this month!

Helene finished some amazing Norwegian Socks for her luckier-than-lucky Sockapaloooza pal.

Quikeye finished some striped Basketcase Socks and has a little sock yarn contest going on her blog...

Jill finished her green green green Sockapaloooza socks.

Karen got some Fields of Gold socks done.

Sheri's got two pairs of socks done for May already!

Lara finished some Hedera socks.

And Lauren finished up some Pomatomuseseseses.

That's all, folks!


Anonymous jillian said...

Feel better soon! Of all the sickies, a riotous stomach is the worst for me. Rice and weak tea...usually helps :)

I'm sure your sweet children are in there somewhere! They'll be back!

9:56 AM  
Blogger Sonya said...

Hope your stomach is back to normal quickly. And your kids too, for that matter. I missed finishing my Jaywalkers for April by one day. So I had my May socks by May 1st! Hopefully this means I'll get a brownie point pair this month too.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

I forgot to let you know that I finished my Sockapaloooza socks on May 1st. They are on my blog!


And ps : the screaming is a typical phase for children to go through. I did a horse riding camp for kindergardners (age 3 to 6) and it's amazing how many of those kids have forgotten how to talk, they just scream! Hang in there dear!!

10:46 AM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

okay my kid is 16 and 90% of what comes out of her mouth is whine.

They don't grow out of it.

Sorry to have to break the news to you ;o)

7:36 PM  
Blogger CarryFairie said...

That's so funny, Sillyewe's socks were being made for ME! :)

They are even better in person...

11:01 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Chrissy! Hope you are feeling better!

BTW, I finished my sockpal socks in April, and I forgot to email you about it. Sorry! :)

6:37 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

New episode THIS WEEK. Promise!

8:53 PM  
Blogger Ragan said...

Whining and screaming are a plenty at our house! We have 3 of them...ages 12, 5 & 3 years...all still whine and the 3 year old...makes the most noise.
I hope that you are feeling better soon!!!
I enjoyed looking at everyone's socks! :)

11:34 AM  

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