Friday, March 03, 2006

Socks, socks and some preschool talk

Okay, here you have it. The sock update post that has been cooking in draft mode since Friday. You guys are so busy!

Knit Chick had a few February socks that she forgot to tell me about until now, so here are her F socks and two brownie point socks - navy socks for her boyfriend and Gentlemans' Fancy Socks for her Knitting Olympics gold.

Lisa gets an M for her way impressive Pomatomuses.

Jenn finished some lovely brownie point socks just under the wire in February.**

**Note to knit-alongers - brownie point socks are cumulative through the whole knit-along and whoever has the most at the end wins the little brownie point prize. So end-of-month is irrelevant for brownie points, and you're probably better off finishing your socks in the next month instead of trying to finish brownie point socks before the end of the month. Just a thought!

Crazy Basket Lady gets an M for her way cool Easter Egg Jaywalkers.

Ginger gets an M for a yummy pair of Child's First Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks.

Chrissy gets an M for a fabulous pair of Falling Leaves socks.

Erin gets an M for a fantastic pair of Embossed Leaves socks for her lucky ducky Sockapaloooza pal.

Check these out - Michelle made a teeny tiny little pair of sock earrings! I just can't bring myself to give her an M for these (I'm going to add a new rule that they have to fit on HUMAN feet), but I do have to say they are the cutest things ever!

Brianne finished some lovely Trekking XXL socks for her M.

Wendy gets an M for her awesome pair of knitted baby tights. They're technically not socks, but they do have turned heels so they count. Hey, if anyone else wants to knit tights and count them for the knit-along, knock yourselves out!

And Abigail, the generous donator of that lovely February prize, is starting up a new knit-along, a sock stash-along. I can't even pretend that I can knit from my stash and not buy any new yarn, but those of you who could use some stashbusting of sock yarn, go join up!

Speaking of that gorgeous hank of Bearfoot...I just picked the winner, thanks to the handy dandy random number generator, and it is...Zonda! Congrats!

For anyone who is still reading, after all those socks, I've got a few personal updates. The Knitter's sweater is finally done! Hurrah! I had to rip out the collar about four times before I finally got it to my liking, but I think the finished product looks really great. Now for one final blocking, and it's ready to go. Now I get to grade the pattern, which involves lots of math and is one of my favorite parts of doing design. Yes, I'm a big fat geek. Keep an eye out for my name in the summer '06 Knitter's mag - I'll let you all know as soon as I see it and find out what they name the pattern.

I forgot to tell you all about this the other day, since I was so excited in the aftermath of Erica's visit, but Bill and I finally got to go observe Sydney's preschool class. We went in for half an hour in the morning on Thursday, and they set it up to be as disruption-free as possible in the hopes of seeing things as they are every day. We snuck in and sat in chairs over in the corner, and then snuck out after the time was up. It took Sydney a little while to notice that we were there, and I was fully expecting her to yell and run over to us when she saw us. However, when she spotted us, her face lit up but she stayed at her desk and didn't say anything. She kept her eye on us throughout the time we were there but only came over to us once to give us some art that she'd just made for us. It was really cute.

I continue to be amazed at the Montessori method, and observing the classroom continued to drive this home. It was so incredible how calm the atmosphere in the classroom was, with 25 preschoolers in there. Kind of the polar opposite of Kindergarten Cop... Everyone was very busy, but it was so orderly (in a nice, not creepy, way). The little girl in front of us was doing multiplication problems (yes, multiplication at age 5)! All the kids were totally engaged doing their little projects. So different from a traditional classroom. I am so excited that we are able to send Sydney (and someday Owen) to this school. I just love it.

Well, back to work on the work knitting. Keep those socks coming!


Blogger Virtuella said...

I love the work you are doing hosting this Sock-knitting thing!
I am not able to figure out what a brownie-point sock is?

In advance thanks.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Isn't it cute to see your child in class? I so enjoy seeing my son at school.

3:04 PM  
Blogger amylovie said...

I'll look forward to seeing you published.


4:30 AM  
Anonymous leslie said...

This may sound super silly but I just noticed that my name was was. I had been looking and looking but well then I forgot. I know stupid, but hey I had a baby and have a almost 3 year old. I love reading your blog and hearing you talk about your daughter. Preschool, must look into it. Any advice?? Oh and the socks I did finish Jaywalkers in Jan (pic at Januaryone the one with the baby) and I finished my Whitbys from the KOTR knitalong for Feb and I am now working on my sockpaloooza socks for this month. Questions email me?

5:25 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

I just posted pictures of 2 pairs of socks (well, one pair, and one pair of FuzzyFeet) to my website :D. Good starter, right? Well, they technically could have made it for February, but March is ok with me!

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Siri said...

Oops. I just realized that I forgot to mention to you about my February socks, blogged here:
Sorry about that.
That school sounds wonderful. I know that if I lived in proximity to a Montessori or Waldorf school, I wouldn't hesitate to send our boys there. Lucky you to live where there is such a good school.

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Siri said...

Oops, again! I just saw that you already caught it and added that little F to my name.
Ugh. Blame it on too much going on and too little sleep lately!
And congratulations on your pattern.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Erica said...

oh, I bet those sock earrings were a challenge. don't you use 00 or 000 needles?

12:37 PM  

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