Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Let's try this again...

Okay. I'm going to give Blogger a second chance. I will say that I haven't been very motivated to switch from Blogger because I really like being able to get into the HTML code and play around. I don't have the time or energy to code my own pages, but the HTML editing I do in my template scratches my geek itch nicely. I tried out Typepad briefly just as a test, but it didn't allow nice editing of the HTML like Blogger does. And the fact that Blogger is free is another motivating factor. So for now, Blogger will have to do. I just need to remember to save a bit more often... I'll go for awhile with no problems and get complacent.

Sherrill finished off a stripey pair of toe-up socks.

Soxy Lady Amanda knit up a pair of Square Dance socks.

I didn't get any socks done, but I did pick out yarn for my Sockapaloooza pal:

It's Koigu KPM in color 4000 (it's a really dark olive green with lighter and darker strands running through it). Lucky pal, huh? I just hope she doesn't mind having socks that are hand-wash only. I have a pattern in mind, too (my own), which I'm going to send to Mag Knits in hopes that it will become the next Jaywalker (hee, hee! dream on, right?).

Now for some Valentine's day fun at the Knittin' Mom household. Here is what we did to entertain ourselves:

Could that T-Rex on Bill's arm be any bigger? He just joined a racquetball league and has his first game tomorrow morning. Think that'll scare his opponent?

Sydney picked out this nice purple and orange one for me:

In addition to dabbling in body art, we pigged out in royal fashion last night. I sent Bill to the store to buy a Whitman's Sampler and we ate the entire thing (okay, I ate most of it) as well as a pizza from Pizza Hut. The pizza was a little disappointing (it was the new kind with the little dipper things in place of the crust), but the chocolate was better than ever due to the fact that I've been starving myself on that NutriSystem diet. I've lost ten pounds, five of which I probably gained back last night.

We also did some serious Tivo watching. We had the second of the two Code Black episodes of Grey's Anatomy to watch. If you haven't discovered this show yet, do. It is SO GOOD. Then came Skating With Celebrities, which is a hoot (especially when we're watching Olympic skating at the same time). I am so glad that Nancy and Dave are gone (HATED them) and I'm totally rooting for Kristy and Lloyd. Go, Buffy! And of course American Idol. Nobody to really root for there, yet, since there are still a gazillion contestants left. Soon enough. And, on my own, The Bachelor - Paris (Bill refuses to watch this with me). I'm so glad that phoney baloney Susan got the boot. Moana, you're next! And now that I've got that out of my system, I apologize to those of you who don't watch cheesy reality tv and could care less about these people.

With all that TV, though, some good did come:

2-1/2 repeats done, 6 to go. Woo-hoo! And there is finally a Team Portland blog. It was just started today, so all you PDX Olympic Knitters, get over there and join. I'm starting to think that I actually will get the shrug, the Knitter's sample and the Quick To Knit Gifts stuff done on time. I hope I'm not being overly optimistic...

And, for Mom, some pics of the grandkids:

Nice haircut, Dad!

Okay, he was only halfway through.
Here is the finished product:

Doesn't she look grown up? It's incredible to get a nice picture of her like this.
Usually she does this when the camera comes out:

With a face like that, can she be planning anything good?

And I'll leave you with one of the boy, who normally photographs quite nicely. However, Daddy was holding the camera WAY too close to his face. Check out that glare - poor little guy!

No wonder he hates the camera.


Blogger amylovie said...

Your pal is going to love her yarn.

As I've said before, your kiddos are precious.


7:27 PM  
Anonymous Renata said...

With regards to blogger, have you tried Wordpress? It's free if you have your own server to support your site on. I don't have a large enough server to support PHP/MySQL, so I use their WYSIWYG program. It's pretty nice. Give it a shot!

8:08 PM  
Anonymous jillian said...

It looks like you had ALOT of fun!! Your kiddies are so darn cute!!

9:46 PM  
Blogger candsmom said...

Koigu! Your pal's going to love you! Sydney's looking so grown up- her hair's gotten so long! And Owen's looking less and less like a baby and more and more like a big boy. Your tattoos are too funny- we usually sport the Halloween ones year-round. And congratulations on the weight loss- didn't you just start a few weeks ago?! 10 pounds is amazing! You totally earned the Sampler Box and then some! Take care! :-)

11:47 PM  
Blogger Sonya said...

You have a lucky sock pal! I love the tatoos too. Congrats on your 10 pounds. I lost about 30 a couple years ago, but it's starting to creep back on. I need to get motivated. BTW, I love Grey's Anatomy too.

2:41 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Looks like you guys had some great Valentine's Celebrating!!! Wow, 10 pounds, good for you. I think you earned a special night of pizza and chocolate - you have to cut yourself a few breaks so you don't go insane!! The kids are looking cute as always, but changing so fast!! It makes me want to go look at your first posts to compare. I'm getting hooked on Grey's Anat too (Sunday's episode was GOOD) and, of course, I watch Skating with Celebs. My mom heard on a Hollywood gossip report yesterday that Lloyd left his pregnant wife for Kristy. :( There goes all the respect I used to have for him (if it's true - which I guess we can't always believe all the celebrity gossip - so I hope it's not true). Oh yeah, sometimes I write post on Notepad and then just copy and paste into Blogger so it doesn't get eaten.

5:15 AM  
Blogger fig said...

Cutey-pies all! I was hoping for a Whitman's sampler, but my flowers were great (just don't taste nearly as yummy).

5:50 AM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Great yarn! I love the Koigu semisolids. Just FYI, I know Koigu says handwash only on the label, but it actually is machine-washable. I'd read people saying so and always doubted, but I finally got up the courage to throw a pair of socks in the washer, and no problem!

6:55 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Hey, love the pics of the kids! What, Owen didn't get a little tattoo of his own?

I haven't been keeping up with the skating with celebrities show (I'd need a TV antenna or something... you'd think my communications engineer fiancee could figure out how to make an antenna for our TV) but I did hear a good bit of gossip. I heard that Lloyd and Kristy are a thing now and that Lloyd left his wife and kid for her! Of course, this could all be slander, but I'm not sure. Heard it from my friend who used to date him (I'm sure among the many). Aah, the drama on and off the screen.

Did they cover that on the show or on the tabloids that I haven't been able to read in months? I feel so unplugged! Give me back my US Weekly!

9:57 AM  
Blogger Bitterknitter said...

Sydney looks soo serious showing off her 'too! Lucky lucky sock pal!

11:54 AM  
Blogger Di said...

Hi there- I'm visiting via the Blue Blog's sockapaloooza update. I read Olive Green Koigu and had to check it out- lovely yarn. You have a lucky sock pal!

10:11 PM  

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