Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm getting twitchy...

It has been just over a week now that I haven't had any socks on the needles, and it's really bugging me. Between the Olympic Shrug and the Knitter's sweater, I can't let myself start anything else. But it's rough. Believe me, the first thing I'm going to do once I'm done with all this obligatory knitting is cast on some socks!

It's funny, because before I made my first pair, I didn't see how socks could be addicting. I thought I'd much rather make sweaters. Plus, I didn't think I'd ever wear them. Now, the first pairs of socks I grab once they're through the laundry are my knitted socks. What can I say? I love socks! The big question now, is which ones do I knit next. The New Englands from Knitting On The Road for the KOTR-Along? Another pair of Jaywalkers? Pomatomi? My Sockapaloooza socks? Oh, the humanity!

Carol has also become addicted to socks thanks, she says, to this knit-along. She just finished a pair of magic stripe Jaywalkers for her hubby. Happy socking, Carol!

Ragan is on fire this month. She's got two pairs of brownie point socks - one is a cushy pair of slipper socks, the other another pair of Crayon socks.

Adrienne finished her first ever pair of socks - Jaywalkers in Lorna's Laces Black Purl (love that colorway!). Wow!

Brianne knit up some Dancing socks for her hubby for Valentine's Day. Lucky guy!

Okay, I have another Olympic rant. I'm sure you've heard about the big brouhaha between Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick. Davis was getting all this flak about not racing in the men's team pursuit with Hedrick. Newspaper headlines like "For Davis, there is an I in team" and garbage like that was circulating for a few days along with sound bits of Hedrick saying he wasn't going to beg Davis to skate with him. The media and their need to manufacture conflict blew it all WAY out of proportion, making Davis the villain for ruining Hedricks chance to get five gold medals and be the next Eric Heiden. Bill read me a blurb from The Oregonian yesterday that quoted Davis as saying that he had gone to Salt Lake City as an alternate and didn't get to skate, and that he wasn't going to skate in a slot in Torino that would take the opportunity away from someone else.

Hello! Isn't that what team spirit is all about? Letting someone who might not have had a chance to skate in the Olympics race in the pursuit instead of trying to win another gold medal? The NBC commentators were so irritating in the way that they made Davis out to be selfish for not racing in the team pursuit, when in fact it was exactly the opposite. And then they acted all pissy when Davis didn't want to talk to them after he won his gold in the 1000m. Who can blame him? I was so happy when he kicked butt in that race. Hedrick wouldn't have gotten his five golds anyway, even if he had won in the team pursuit, due to Davis winning the 1000m. Are they going to call Davis selfish for that?


Blogger Jennifer said...

I love sock knitting too! I'm furiously knitting my second Jaywalker sock to get that F!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Renata said...

I see Shani as more of an inspiration (although, he comes from North Chicago, certainly not the crime-ridden streets, hah.) for his ability to rise to the top in his sport and his determination to win. He's quite focused on his own events, which I think is what all althetes should be. I'm a competitive swimmer and I hate the relays because it's all pomp and circumstance but not really a team effort.

8:29 PM  
Blogger Erica said...

I hope all is going well for you in KO.
I've really had to pace myself these past few days and I'm not sure I'll make it on account of not knitting for several days at the beginning and my wrists now getting sore. But I'll stick it out. If you haven't seen these safety tips yet, check them out
They have really helped me these past couple of days.
Great pics of Sydney!

12:03 AM  
Blogger Erica said...

I never thought I'd fall in love with socks either. I started a pair because it was something different to try. Who knew?

8:55 AM  
Blogger Sonya said...

I've been feeling hinky without socks on the needles too. I was just last night gazing longingly at my Nancy Bush books. I gotta get that F!

You're totally right about those Olympic commentators too. There's never so much drama that they don't have to manufacture more.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can we talk about the fact that the man is now getting racist threats to harm him and the fact that he is the first African American to win an individual medal in an olympics has not been celebrated enough?
1/2 a pair of socks down,,, I think I can... I think I can...

4:20 PM  

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