Monday, October 24, 2005

My first Conwy is done, and other stuff...

First we'll get the knitting out of the way. I managed to finish the first Conwy last night. Without further ado...

It turned out quite nice! I may have to make a pair for myself one of these days. I can make about one sock per week, so according to my hubby's quick mathematical calculations, I can make 22 pairs per year if I knit nothing but socks. That's a lot of socks!

I didn't get yesterday's post written because I was busy cleaning and decorating. I just realized that we have about two dozen people coming over next Sunday for our Halloween party so I really need to get the place presentable! Plus I bought a ton of decorations. They look pretty good. I'm going to put these all as small pictures since I have a gazillion. If you want a better view, you'll just have to move your lazy little mouse hand and click on them.

Here are some Chez Knittin' Mom Halloween Decor pics:

Okay, this last one was done by our resident gigantic garden spider. It's amazing how this web spans pretty much the entire width of our front yard. And it's so pretty when covered in morning dew.

On Saturday, Bill and his friend Nate ran a 15k race. It was at a local park which has great play structures, so the kids and I went out to play and watch them cross the finish line. Owen and his sister both really like the swings...

And here is a picture of the big winners with their participation ribbons.

This is where the picture would go if stupid Blogger would let me load it...

They ran a time of 1:17 which was under Bill's goal of 1:20, so they were happy. I think Bill was also pretty happy that he and Nate finished together. Nate used to run marathons and his fastest time was just over 3 hours (which is pretty darn fast). He hasn't been running for awhile, and Bill has been running pretty regularly for about five months now, so they're finally about at the same fitness level.

I have a few more pictures, but it's time to go pick up The Girl from preschool so you'll just have to wait until tomorrow. Or Wednesday. Or next week. Or whenever I feel like spending an hour waiting for Blogger to decide if it wants to upload them or just give me a blank page and no picture. Remind me again why I don't use typepad?


Blogger Karen said...

Your sock is lovely, such pretty colors! A sock a week . . . I wish!!

Your Halloween decs are beautiful – I have a ton myself but probably won’t have the time or energy to get them up this year. Yours remind me a lot of the ones I have. :)

Good job to DH on his race!!

And thanks again for the tutorial you wrote (and nice comments about my banner and button), I would have been lost without you!

2:17 PM  
Anonymous jillian said...

The socks and the decs are both lovely!! I love purple. I put out some gourds. Really. And that's gonna be about it for me :)

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Brynne said...

Those socks are beautiful!

4:26 PM  
Blogger candsmom said...

Oh, your Conwy sock is GORGEOUS!! The colorway is amazing and the pattern is beautiful. I'd forgotten that you're hosting a Halloween party! I remember you posted about that a while back. Your place looks great!! I love all the paper doll ghosties and the festive decorations. You have a fireplace??! I'm so jealous!! No one I know in Hawaii has a fireplace, and I remember looking at pictures in books of them as a child and loving the ambiance they set.

Congrats to Bill on his run! Owen and Sydney are just the cutest, but then, I'm sure you already knew that. :-)

9:06 PM  
Blogger Acornbud said...

Your Halloween preparations look so much fun-great job on the decorations! Your sock is wonderful! I love the colors.

I would love to visit Portland again. My kids were in Eugene for a while, but all migrated back to tropical Paradise saying it was too cold.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Erica said...

Lovely socks! So what is your favorite color? I'm dying to know!

3:06 PM  

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