Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Great Google Search

1. Chrissy needs help. Well, this goes without saying...

2. Chrissy needs a new place to live. No! I am never moving again!

3. Her interest in the issues surrounding Chrissy's needs led Jane to write features about her, and other complex children. Hmm...

4. Chrissy needs a few friends - friends with open hearts, open arms and open wallets. Especially the open wallets!

5. I think Chrissy should ______. Chrissy needs ______. I want to _____ Chrissy. ?!?!

6. The Chris's and Gabe are moving home with us because Chrissy needs to be off her feet and on bed rest due to her pregnancy. Not again!

7. I was really beginning to feel that I'm over being hurt and lonely, that I can accept the fact that this is the way Chrissy needs it to end... Oh, the broken hearts I've left in my wake...

8. Does anyone feel as if Chrissy needs some perspective? Is there anyone that doesn't?

9. Chrissy needs to talk with Michael C. for his recommendations on adjustments to the University Standard furnishings. I'll get right on that.

And my favorite...

10. Chrissy needs your help signing up your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. to volunteer to help defeat George W. Bush. Yeah, baby!!!


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