Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My knittin' mommy wish list

I wish that...

...I could figure out how to knit while breastfeeding/reading Green Eggs & Ham for the 500th time/walking around the house with a screaming baby.

...I could make it through the day without some weird stain appearing on my clothing.

...I could get through the night without waking up at 3 am with the theme song from The Backyardigans stuck in my head.

...I could sleep through the night, period!

...I could teach my 2 year-old to knit so she'd stop trying to rip my knitting out of my hands.

...I could turn my head without getting a whiff of the baby barf that is permanently on my shoulder.

...I could get both the kids to sit quietly and patiently while I knit/blog/surf.

...Doritos and chocolate chip cookies had more nutritional value, because my daughter won't touch vegetables and has to be bribed to eat fruit!

...my kiddos would forever stay as loving, adorable and innocent as they are right now.


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