Monday, August 29, 2005

Nothing to see here...

DISCLAIMER: Today's entry is a boring one. I don't have any pictures. I don't really have any new knitting news to report. But, being the obsessed-with-blogging individual that I am, I feel compelled to write something anyway.

Actually, I do have some knitting news, I just can't share every detail since I'm not sure what's kosher and what's not as far as posting information on a design I want to try to get published. I'm pretty sure pictures are verboten, which is too bad since I'm almost done with the back of the sweater and it's turning out really cute. I'm knitting it in Plymouth Encore, which is not my favorite yarn but I chose it because of its machine washability (important with toddler clothes).

To those of you who are concerned with the fate of the cow sweater, yes, it's true - I am going to frog the whole thing and start from scratch. And no, I'm really not that upset about it because the cow had a few spots on it that I really wasn't happy with. I'm hoping that it will come out much better this time around. And it's so small that it knits up really fast. I'm going to make it much bigger this time so that Sydney doesn't grow out of it in two weeks.

It is finally raining here, which is very exciting. I have been getting lax with the watering and the rain will go a long way towards keeping my little garden alive. We got our first two tomatoes on Saturday and put them on some burgers - they were soooo yummy. It's just incredible how much more flavor home-grown tomatoes have compared to their store-bought counterparts. I am really looking forward to the peas and green beans that should be coming in a month or so.

We may be getting new neighbors soon. The house next door has been empty since we moved in. The sons of the former owner have been fixing it up and getting it ready to sell for over a year, and they finally put it on the market about a month ago. They were trying to sell it themselves, but didn't have too much luck. They hired a realtor about a week ago, and apparently got a bunch of offers right away. We haven't heard anything else, but the open house scheduled for yesterday was canceled and there were some people there for over an hour in the morning. Bill was peeking out the window at them, since we're very curious about who they might be. We keep wishing we had veto power - no barky dogs, younger with kids, preferably a husband who plays basketball and a wife who knits (or a wife who plays basketball and husband who knits, or gay couple who both knit and play basketball...). Apparently this couple was mid-30s, guy wearing Nikes (possibly an athletic type), woman pregnant (future kids). He thought they might pass muster. The houses are arranged such that we need to be friendly with our neighbors or things could be really miserable.

Tomorrow's many projects can one knitter have in the queue before it becomes unreasonable?


Blogger Jen said...

Hmm, it must be tomato season. I'll have to show you ours ;-) We're doing sauce with ours, so if you have a sauce recipe...

12:35 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Not a boring post at all. I don’t blame you for not showing pics of your new sweater pattern on the blog – I don’t know all the blog ediquette, but better safe than sorry!! I mourn the loss of cow . . . poor thing is now ground beef?? But am anxiously awaiting new, improved Cow 2.0!!!!

2:31 PM  

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