Friday, March 28, 2008

Where does the time go?

How has it been a week already since I last posted? Since I got such a great response to my design anatomy idea I'm definitely going to be doing it - maybe that will get me back into the habit of posting regularly.

Designing sure has a way of sucking the life out of blogging. It's hard to come up with stuff to talk about when all of the knitting I do is top secret. I will be psyched to do something that I can share freely with all of you. I've already got a couple design ideas in mind - I think that posting one a day in April is waaaay too ambitious, but definitely one a week. I'll be very interested to see what you guys pick for me to work on!

In the meantime, I'm working hard on my designs for TNNA in June as well as some other fun stuff. We got our booth assignment last week, and we're in a little island booth right between the main bathrooms. It might not be the most pleasant spot, but it will definitely get us seen! Hopefully we don't have a dysentery outbreak or anything during the convention (god forbid).

Sydney has been out on spring break for the past two weeks and the kids are driving me out of my mind. They do tend to entertain each other when they're both here, but they sure make a disaster of the house. Owen has hit the terrible threes something fierce - yesterday he split his lip open on an end table after trying to balance on a cardboard box and freaked me out by bleeding all over the place (I was certain he'd knocked out a tooth or two), and then he peed on my lap. Delightful boy! We are currently shopping around for a preschool for him to attend next year - I can't wait! There's an opening for full-day class at a Montessori school close to us... I'm not entirely sure he's ready for full-day preschool, but I sure am! I know, I know, I should enjoy these days while they last because they'll be gone before I know it. I just wish they weren't so messy and irritating!

Is anyone else watching the John Adams miniseries on HBO? Fantastic! It explains so much about our country's history to see how it was formed. I just wish our modern leaders showed as much intelligence and integrity as the founding fathers. Of course they weren't perfect, but as one of my favorite bumper stickers says, "Yee-haw! is not a foreign policy." Having John Adams on my Tivo helps make up for the fact that the other shows I'm watching right now include Rock of Love II, American Idol and I Know My Kid's A Star.


Blogger msubulldog said...

The dysentery comment made me laugh out loud! :) You'll definitely get a lot of traffic between the bathrooms, though. Should be a good thing!

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