Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sorry (cough, cough) for the delay (cough)...

We've all been sick for the past week, me in particular. Yuck! I hope this is the last cold of the season. I, for one, am ready for summer. My mother-in-law just got back from two weeks in Costa Rica and she is all tan and happy - next year, we are going with her!

I've been busily working away, designing for fall. We'll have hats, scarves, a shawl or two, sweaters and, of course, socks. My test knitters are testing and soon the tech editors will be put back to work. My poor little fingers are knitting as fast as they can - I've got one of my three pairs of commissioned socks done (colorwork socks in Classic Elite Alpaca Sox - yum!) and the next one started (also in Alpaca Sox - yum yum!). The third pair is due on March 24th but there's still no sign of the yarn I'm supposed to make them with. I can knit socks pretty fast, but I'm starting to get a little nervous!

Speaking of tech editing, I realized that I made a huge goof on the new version of the Feather Lace Shawl (not my tech editor's fault - I didn't think I was changing it so much that it needed re-editing, but I certainly learned my lesson the hard way!), so there's now an errata page on my website. The Mix-and-Match Rib Toe-Up Socks also have a small error that one of my students found last week. I've also included the errata for a couple of my other published patterns and will try to keep the page up-to-date with all errata that has my name on it. I hate errata, but it's almost impossible not to have some at some point! If you've purchased the Feather Lace Shawl pattern in the last month or two, check the back page (under Pattern Info) to see if it's v0108. If it is, you need the errata. If there's no version # or if it's v0108-2, you're good. Sigh...

Working at Dublin Bay has been a nice little refuge for me - I get to knit shop samples when it's slow (and of course at knit night), which gives me an opportunity to knit from others' designs (something I never do at home). I just finished up a Snowdrop Lace Scarf (yes it's in my pattern line but I didn't design it!) out of Handmaiden's lovely mohair laceweight Angel Hair (in the green color, for St. Patty's Day) and I'm now starting to work on this (it's the sheep sweater, pants and hat on the little boy on the right side of the first page). That should keep me busy for a little while!


Anonymous Karen said...

Yes, knitting from other peoples' patterns is great - not just for the relaxation of *following* a pattern (for a change!), but also just to steep yourself in other ways of looking at things, other ways of expressing things, other ways of constructing things...

Good luck with the flying fingers-
and feel better soon!

(I won't ask about your big project if you won't ask about mine...) ; )

3:07 PM  

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