Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back in the saddle...

I managed to survive the rest of the visionary retreat (it was so much fun but so very exhausting at the same time) and then came home only to get food poisoning. Yesterday was spent napping and, well, you know...not straying too far from the bathroom. I didn't start to feel human until around 5 pm but fortunately today I feel fine again.

I did get some knitting done, both last week and over the weekend. First, I got a sample of the Feather Lace Shawl done in one skein of Malabrigo laceweight (what a yummy yarn).

This baby needs a good blocking to open it up and flatten it out, and then it will live at Twisted if you locals want to go visit it.

I also finished up a my-size version of the Cannon Beach V-Neck in Dale of Norway Svale. This was mostly knit by one of my sample knitters and then finished by yours truly. Here it is getting some love from the cat:

And here's Sydney, looking very J-Lo-at-the-Oscars (or was it the Grammys?) while modeling for me:

I've got one more long-suffering project to finish (a design for The Sweet Sheep which has been languishing for like a year - poor Michelle!) and then I'll be free to focus fully on the June designs and several other things I've not been able to say no to. I am such a sucker for pretty yarn!

In other news, the Auburn Camp Shirt was recently featured in the Knitting Daily gallery with pics of the sample on several different Interweave staffers and several tips on customizing the fit. There's also a knit-along starting up, hosted by my blog friend Linda who was one of the first Sock-A-Month Knitalongers. Obviously she knits things other than socks. If you're going to be knitting the shirt, please go join the fun and games! I'll be dropping by to answer questions and such but I will freely admit that I'm NOT going to be knitting this design again any time soon. It was bad enough in the small size - in my size I would need to have a lot more free time to manage all those little stitches! What crazy *$%*&# would design a sweater in fingering-weight yarn? At least it's short-sleeved...

I've also had my first experience with editor-introduced errata. The Cabled Baglet, my design in Storey's 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders, was slightly hosed up before publishing. The errata is now posted here. I've included this design in my own pattern line as Cable That Bag! and have the original (correct) instructions along with new charts in the pattern leaflet if you like the bag but don't want to buy the whole book. I feel a little strange about advertising my own pattern along with the book, but it's also nice for people to have choices as to whether they want the whole book (and the other 100 patterns that go along with it) or just the one pattern. This was one of those great instances where the publisher bought one-time publication rights for the pattern for a small fee, allowing me to do what I will with it on my own - these are the types of deals I seek out now. I'm less and less willing to work-for-hire and give away all rights to my work. It's hard to continually kiss my creative works goodbye as soon as I'm finished with them, which is why I really love self-publishing (not to mention the fact that I get final say on any edits and hopefully catch the really egregious ones before they're printed).

Since I didn't manage to bring my camera up to the visionary retreat, here's a picture of the lake from last year:

Beautiful, no? Now I've got to get cracking on that book so I have something to show for myself next year!


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