Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm still here!

Yes, I'm still alive. No, I haven't yet had time to figure out how to hook my new camera up to the computer. Yes, I'm a pathetic loser to the ultimate degree. When I do have pictures, though, watch out! I've got pics of the chicks (who seem to have doubled in size in the past week and are spending a lot more time sleeping - probably to deal with all that growing), pics of the garden with my new asparagus patch (a really exciting picture of bare dirt) and some pea and lettuce sproutlets, pics of our Easter fiesta, pics of my completed Sockret Pal socks (which I will post AFTER she's received them to avoid torturing her with any more spoiler posts), and who knows what else.

I have been busy over here!

I'm also very excited to report that marathon training is back on. I went to see Dr. Forcum over at Back In Motion, and he did some crazy witch-doctor voodoo on me which seems to have fixed me (and I say "crazy witch-doctor voodoo" with total awe and respect - I am WAY into alternative medicine these days since it seems to work so incredibly well)! Although I should give proper credit to Dr. Barker (the naturopath over there) who is really the one who set me on the path to recovery. Dr. Forcum figured out exactly what was causing my shin pain and gave me a plan to fix it and keep it from coming back. So far so good - I did my first training run (4 miles) on Saturday with my marathon training group, and didn't feel any pain at all!

I've lost a lot of fitness during those two weeks I spent on my butt, but I think my training group will get me back in gear really quickly. If you're in the Portland area and ever need any kind of sports injury recovery plan, I can't recommend the folks at Back In Motion highly enough. I'm also getting twice-weekly massages (which isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds - these are not relaxing massages, they are crank-into-your-muscles-until-you-scream-with-pain kind of massages) which is really helping get my stuff back in gear.

I'm starting to come to the conclusion that I'm not going to be able to hang on much longer with all the stuff I've committed myself to doing. I'm not sure what's going to fall to the wayside, but something's gotta give. I keep hoping I'll be able to pull off some kind of miracle and catch up, which has always worked well for me in the past, but I'm not sure it's possible this time. I've come to the absolute limit of how much I can neglect the house and family and still get away with it, so there's no wiggle room left there. Perhaps there's some kind of drug that I can take so that I don't have to sleep as much? Any ideas? No? Well, it was worth a shot! I'm off to stuff Shop Hop goodie bags, leaving behind a huge pile of work that needs to be done and Sock-A-Month knitalong posts that need to be tallied. I'm such a slacker!


Blogger Shelley said...

Slacker, no. Busy, yes. Glad to hear the shin pain isn't coming back! You'll be back to where you left off with your running soon, I suspect.

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

umm.... i REALLY understand how you feel. I think that I will figure out this stuff on the boat.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Breien in Lansingerland said...

Everyone has busy times :-) So don't feel guilty. Even I can't manage in a day the things I want to. LOL!

4:32 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

Hire in some help if you can. Like maybe a housecleaning service every couple of weeks. And you could drop laundry off at the laundromat where they will do it for you.....

5:45 AM  

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