Thursday, September 28, 2006

Okay, for real this time - we have socks!

In the interest of not procrastinating any longer (and after realizing that I can't do a huge update post on Sunday since Bill will be running in the Portland Marathon and might be a little irritated if I'm talking about socks instead of cheering him on), here goes the mondo sock update that I owe you from Sunday. You guys sure are busy little beavers!

Lain test knit a pair of socks for me, but you have to wait until they're released to see them!

Karen's got her 3rd pair for September - some Eyelet Lace socks.

Nicole's got two pairs - one pink and one blue.

Dee finished some Fortissimo Colori socks.

Crazy Knitting Lady has some finished Austermann Step socks and Simple Stripes Fair Isle socks.

Anastacia has two pink pairs and one red pair of CIC toddler socks done along with a pair of semi-secret Patons socks.

Sheri made some Patons Kroy Jacquard socks for a brownie point.

Karen finished her Mystery Socks.

Jennifer made these lovely Madder Rib socks:

Virtuella made her first and second pairs of toe-up socks ever, both with funky cuffs.

Rachel managed to do a little sock knitting even while getting all the Sockret Pal matches sorted out - she finished her first (and last) pair of Jaywalkers along with a pair of stripedy gift socks.

Stariel finished a pair of beautiful Beaudelaires, some lacy socks of her own design and her Socks of Doom.

Lisa made some fabulous Cashmere socks for me, but they're a design sample so you can't see them - sorry!

Tze-Wen made some short Fixation socks along with a pair of Lang Jawoll Cotton socks.

Lara made some grey striped socks that she worries are too wild for her dad! She also whipped up a pair of Pomatomuses.

Diane finished up two more pairs for this month - one big and one very small!

Silja made two pairs of CCM-supporters socks.

Charity made the cutest pair of baby anklets.

Shelby finished a pair of lime-and-purple Jaywalkers.

Pat Q made a pair of Regia Silk socks. I hear nothing but raves about this yarn - I really must get my hands on some!

Jamie made a pair of Cappuccino footies.

Jessica knit up some crazy yellow Sock Hop socks.

Chrissy finished some lovely lavender Whitbys and some colorful short socks.

Susie made a pair of Blue Vanilla socks.

Sprite whipped up a teeny little pair of Fixation baby socks. Cute!

Tanya made her Socks of Doom along with a pair of Cape Cod socks.

Jacey made Jaywalkers and some plain handdyed socks.

Helga finished some very pretty Socks of Doom.

Debbie's got three pairs, including her Socks of Doom.

Nadine's got a whopping four pairs.

Nicola knit some Retro Rib socks.

Dave made some lovely Regia socks with a really cool heel. Yay for Nancy Bush!

Bettina sends a pic of her dark and scary Socks of Doom.

Lacey made some Oktoberfest socks:

Julia finished some secret gift socks (you can get a sneak peek here).

Laura finished a grey pair of Socks of Doom before she was asassinated.

Christy shows off yet another finished pair of Socks of Doom, these in Nebraska colors.

Sara made a pair of gift socks for her mom.

Angela made Sassy Stripes anklets for her hubby.

Jill finished up some stripey socks and shows off some great b-day swag.

Sharon made some totally awesome Buzzwalkers.

Our other Sharon has some lovely Socks of Doom to show off.

Katrina gives us yet another pair of Socks of Doom. Boy, the troops are falling like flies, aren't they?

Kris made some Happy Socks.

Lyndsey made some crazy striped Socks of Doom.

Emily, who is a little late (but so am I, so I'll forgive her) has some late August and Sept socks.

Tammy made some nice grey Socks of Doom and some very colorful Hanauma Bay socks.

Shelley's got two adorable little pairs of baby socks done.

Shayla made some gorgeous Mata Hari socks.

Beth made some beautiful Redwood Socks.

Jenni's got school spirit as evidenced by these Varsity Socks.

Kristy knit up these toe-up STR socks:

Whew! Now I'm quickly going to publish this post before I get even more updates in the mail... You guys are awesome!


Blogger Tina in Wonderland said...

OMG! What a looooong list of socks you had to post! LOL

Thanks for letting me sign up for part two of the Sock-a-month!

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

Hey, my brother-in-law is running in the Portland Marathon this weekend, too! Did your husband run in the crazy Salmon Run (I think that's what it's called) where people dressed as bears and chased after the runners and the runners were sprayed with dirty water, all to symbolize something about salmon. Portland, my kind of town!
Jessica of the crazy yellow Sock Hop Socks

7:41 PM  
Blogger Glenna C said...

Thanks for posting these lists! It's so great to see what other people are knitting, gives me ideas for next month ;)

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Julia said...

Yay, and I finally finished my Pretty Petals socks this month! check them out:

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Siri said...

O.K. Here's my September update, here:
and here:

Would you prefer to have these e-mailed to you or is this fine in the comments?

10:53 AM  
Blogger Bitterknitter said...

Wow, are these updates getting crazy, or what? Have you thought of just post-dating a post and taking a moment every day (yeah, I know, who has a moment daily ;-P) and adding the updates that have come in that day, so that the linking and such is spread out and you just have to come up with the text on the big day? Heck, you probably already do something like that; just an idea. Thanks for all the hard work, Chrissy!


11:35 AM  

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