Friday, December 02, 2005

Time for some shameless self-promotion...

Keohinani started a little contest, which I managed to get organized enough to enter at the last minute. It's called "You Know You Knit Too Much When..." Everyone lists a bunch of reasons why they should be voted the person who knits too much. Well, I don't have a SINGLE SOLITARY VOTE yet! So get over there and vote for me! I am contestant #16. Yup, #16! Anyone can vote, but you can only vote once. Bill, you need to at least give me one sympathy vote! I already voted, so I can't even vote for myself! I will be crushed if I don't get any. Okay, not really, but you should go check out the contest and vote for the person you think has the best list of reasons. There are some very funny entries on there! Also, be patient - blogpoll seems to be a little slow...

Winter is officially here in the Portland area. We even got a few flakes of snow yesterday - it was very exciting (but extremely short-lived). We now have 4-5 months of steady rain and grey skies to look forward to. Yahoo!

I have way too much knitting to do. I have to finish my Knit Net sweater (the back is done, but I've forgotten how long it takes to knit an adult-sized sweater with long sleeves in worsted-weight yarn!), I have a ton of submissions to swatch for, and I still have the felted clogs to finish. Aaaah! Does anyone have a couple extra hours from their day that they can lend me until January?


Blogger keohinani said...

HAH! caught red-handed! campaigning, are we? shame on you! hehe. that's just as well; it's a sign of a hardcore Knitter! i was wondering why there happened to be a surge of votes overnight... actually, there's no rule about campaigning and it's kind of funny to see if people will solicit votes from everyone and their grandma. nothing like a little friendly competition, eh? ;P
yes, blogpoll is slow. but IT WORKS! woo hoo!
portland winter weather is still cuddling and knitwear wearing weather :)
don't stress about the knitting! you'll get it done!!! i hate when i get so anxious about finishing stuff; makes me reluctant to pick up the needles. but the more i think about how happy i'll be when i finish and the look on the recipient's face when they see their knitted gift, i snap out of it. put on some upbeat music; it helps. :)

11:32 AM  
Blogger candsmom said...

Aw, man, now there's something I didn't think of- a self-promotion campaign!! Heehee! Did you put subliminal messages in the post, too? Like those "eat popcorn" ones in the theaters? ;-) And you definitely knit too much- look at your knitting list! I know you'll get it all done, though. You always do. If someone had extra hours and could figure out a way to scalp 'em, they'd definitely be rolling in the dough! :-)

12:25 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I hadn't thought of self promotion either! Ah well, like I need the extra yarn... :)

I've got a couple of submissions to swatch for too. Maybe if we wish for it real hard, we can gain an hour or two more in each day. Hours without kids underfoot.

1:09 PM  

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