Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Friday Harbor Disaster

Doesn't that sound like a shipwreck? Or a submarine explosion or something? Nope - it's just what I'm calling my poor Friday Harbor sock. I finished the first one on Friday (the irony of that just now struck me).

Ugh, I really need to call the carpet cleaners!

It looks pretty enough, but I'm unhappy with the top band (which is tourniquet-like around my calf, even after I used the extra-stretchy Norweigian sock cast-on) and the toe (which is freakishly long and pointy - 2-1/2" instead of a more normal 1-1/2"). They're lovely socks, but I'm not going to wear them when I can't pull them up all the way and I'm bothered every time I look at the toe. Back to the frog pond for this one! I think I will try this sock again, but with a few major modifications and not until after the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, we are going to be going to Minnesota in January. Yes, that's an incredibly stupid time of year to visit our home state, but for some reason my aunt (who lives in DC) likes to get the family together for a little late Christmas bash. Whenever I see my mom, I realize how much I miss her and I'm helpless to do anything to defend myself against suggestions that we should come visit her. It's a good excuse to dust off the puffy North Face down jacket (think George Costanza in the liquor store) that hasn't gotten much use the past few years. Despite the freezing cold weather, we always have a good time and it's nice to see everything covered in snow. We see snow in Portland, but it's covering the sides of the huge volcanoes on the edge of town, not the sidewalk out front.

Owen has an ear infection, so my mother-in-law took Sydney to her music class this afternoon. He has been snoozing for three hours straight - hope that combined with the amoxycillin knocks that puppy out! I had horrible ear infections when I was a kid but Sydney doesn't really get them. Looks like poor Owen isn't going to be as lucky as his sister.

Results of the stash-guessing contest will be published tomorrow. We don't have any guesses that are spot-on yet, but we do have a couple that are pretty close! I was a little frightened by the number. Time to do some stashbusting! After all, I did join the knit-along (and haven't done a single project yet - bad girl!).


Blogger Acornbud said...

Minnesota in January...Brrr. At least you can use your knit items.
Frog a whole sock, what courage! The lace is really nice.
Hope Owen feels better soon, those ear infections hurt.

11:50 PM  
Blogger candsmom said...

Your carpet cracks me up. It looks EXACTLY like mine, except mine has bits of play-doh to boot. I actually think Friday Harbor looks great, but if you're going to invest all that time and effort, I guess it would be best to be happy with the fit. I love your George Costanza reference, too! I'd forgotten about that episode. Braving the cold probably won't be too fun, but it'll be great to spend time with your family during the holidays. Poor Owen! Like you, I had so many ear infections as a child that I had to get the tubes put in. I'm hoping this is just an isolated incident for Owen, poor little guy.

1:05 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Oh, sorry about the Friday Harbor Disaster. I agree with Chris that it looks pretty in the picture, but I guess if it feels bad on your foot you'll have to frog (wwwaaa). You must be so excited for your trip (even if it is c-c-c-cold there). I can't imagine not seeing my mom anytime I want to (she's only about 2 miles away - walking distance on a good day!). I remeber George knocking over the alchohol in that coat! That was the episode with the Black & White Cookie too, right? Poor little Owen, I hope he's doing much better today. Can't wait to hear your stash number. I'm getting tempted to count mine, but I'm scared!!

5:01 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Hope your wee one feels better soon! I can't see what you're talking about with the socks, but I understand how you need to frog something that doesn't fit quite right.

10:43 AM  
Blogger keohinani said...

too bad about the sock...i hate when socks don't fit, whether they're for me or someone else!
wow! minnesota! i've only been there once, in the st. paul area with all the peanuts character thingies everywhere. nice state!
poor owen! i want to hug him! i used to get ear infections all the time when i was little. hang in there, little buddy! my nephew is sick, too, and the medication he's on makes him suuuuuper hyper. my niece is also sick, but she handles the congestion well...much better than wes.
don't forget to post your "you knit too much" entry!

12:08 PM  
Blogger Brianne said...

My little guy is two, and also named Owen! (Love the name!) He's had the green gunk flowing from his nose for two weeks and a cough for almost a week now. Last night he started with the ear tug and I'm ready to take him in!

Hope your Owen feels better real soon!

12:54 PM  
Blogger Tallguy said...

Frog a sock?? After getting it all finished?? Horrors!! Never would I do such a thing... I would find someone that fits, rather than rip out my work!

Is it the cast on row that is too tight? Why don't you just take that row out? It won't run, believe it or not -- and becomes quite stretchy!!

Or you can pickup stitches around the bottom of the cuff, cut it off, and re-knit the ribbing upwards --- this time a little looser to fit your leg.

If there is a problem, there is always a solution.

6:33 PM  

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