Saturday, September 17, 2005

Racquetball Fever!

The family packed up and drove to Corvallis yesterday to watch Bill compete in a racquetball tournament organized by the Oregon State Racquetball Association. Here are a couple of action shots for your enjoyment (these are pre-game, since I didn't want to distract anyone with the camera flash during play):

Sydney really liked watching the play, but every time the ball made a loud noise (which was just about every hit), she'd laugh like a hyena. I had to take her downstairs so she wouldn't be a distraction to the game! Fortunately, my lovely mother-in-law was there to help watch the kids.

Bill lost his first match by a landslide, since he was playing in the A division (which is the second-highest). He ended up playing the 4th seed, who gave him a good thrashing. He won the second match in a tiebreaker - this one was 35-and-over A/B. This was an incredible match to watch - in the tiebreaker he came back from a 9-0 deficit to win. The bad news was that since he'd won this match, he had to play the next round at 8 pm. The kids were totally worn out (as was Sue), but they did great and behaved really well despite being stuck in the health club lounge all day. Next time, they will not come with! The club only had one glass court (the kind with the front wall glass so you can sit on bleachers and watch the play), and Bill never got to play in it, so it wasn't a very good setup for Sydney to watch her dad play. Bill lost the 8 pm match (which was against the top seed) in the tiebreaker. He probably could've won if he hadn't already played two matches earlier in the day. He just couldn't keep it together in that last game due to sheer exhaustion. It was so fun to watch him play - he could be really good if he practiced a little more (as in, more than never - yes, he enters tournaments even though he hasn't played regularly in 10 years).

I did manage to get a bit of knitting done in the car and when Bill took Owen in-between matches. I started on Christmas presents for either my brother-in-law or my father-in-law (I haven't yet decided who gets which color). Since the pattern isn't very clear on size, this first pair may be an experiment and end up going to me if they come out too small. To see more (and as long as your name isn't Bill or Chris), click here.

Today we are off to the post office to mail our Katrina care packages and then to the Goodwill Superstore to look for Halloween stuff. I was crazy enough to think I wanted to host a Halloween party this year, so I'm going to have to come up with decorations, treats, costumes, etc... Am I nuts or what?


Blogger candsmom said...

Congrats to your DH on playing so well! Sounds like you had a full day with the kids. :) The Christmas present looks great so far! Thanks for the preview on Essential; I was thinking about ordering that next time. Good luck with the party planning- sounds fun! Crazy busy, but fun!

11:24 PM  
Blogger keohinani said...

racquetball! so fun! yay! wow, you sound suuuuper busy. but in a good way.

2:11 AM  

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