Monday, August 22, 2005

Sunday, busy Sunday

I'm not sure why, but it seems I got a lot done yesterday. I finally felted my little purple bag, and I'm delighted at how it turned out. It felted pretty fast (about 12 minutes) and it's just too cute. I can't wait to get the flower on it so I can take it out for a spin! Even my hubby was impressed - "Wow, you made that? It looks manufactured!" This felting thing is pretty darn cool. I have Felted Knits on hold at the library, but I have a feeling that they're not ordering it for me until I pay my fines. Hopefully I can manage that in time to pick out some Christmas presents!

Speaking of which, I wandered over to the grand opening sale of a new LYS in N. Portland yesterday afternoon to do a little early Xmas shopping. It is a really cute little store - I just wish it was closer to me. I live in the one part of town with no yarn stores! The place is called The Naked Sheep Knit Shop. I couldn't resist buying a few things (including not-pictured makings for a gift for someone who reads this blog). I got this cute bag with my purchase and a bumper sticker, to make it so my husband is even more embarassed to drive the minivan around.

I just set the cow out to block. It was so curly, I decided to block before finishing (I've always done it after), and I think I'm a convert. It will be nice to seam pieces that are flat and the shape they're supposed to be... A few places on the cow turned out a little gnarly, but not bad for my first attempt at this much intarsia. I did discover while measuring out my pieces that the pattern text and the schematic don't match (the schematic tacked the ribbing on as add'l length, but the pattern did not). So, everything is a little shorter than it's supposed to be. Lesson learned - look at the schematic before you start, not after you finish!

Time for my favorite baby chore - tying up the bag of last week's dirty diapers and putting them out for the diaper service. Bill snuck out without doing it again. Ah, the joys of having children. We never used to argue about the mundane.


Blogger Karen said...

How you got that all done while taking care of two kids (or three if you count your husband - I always do) I'll never know. I can't wait to see a picture of the cow sweater all finished and put together! It's great!!!

11:37 AM  

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