Thursday, May 01, 2008

We're back!

As you may have noticed, the blogging has been a bit neglected lately. I didn't even notice that my last post was #500. Wow! I think my site meter is nearing 10,000 visits, too. It has been almost three years since I started this blog and we've certainly had our ups, downs, and long periods of silence.

That said, I am really going to try to get the third design idea up later this week. I've been totally swamped getting designs ready for TNNA (check out the preview page for a couple fun new things), figuring out the kids' school situations and dealing with the massive growth of my business. Just to give you an idea, we've grossed more revenue already this year than we did all of last year. Yay us! However, that does mean that a LOT more patterns are needing to be printed, assembled and sent out. Not to mention the steady stream of work I'm doing for others to publish.

I have a really hard time saying no, and I've gotten myself involved in several sock clubs already this year. On the plus side, socks don't take too long. On the down side, I don't have unlimited capacity! I've already let my job at Dublin Bay go (Tuesday was my last day) and I'm constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop as far as getting in over my head. Fortunately I've got some great sample knitters who really help to keep me out of trouble...

I've also really been struggling with fatigue all spring. I think it was a combination of my sedentary lifestyle (all that sitting in front of the computer or sitting and knitting), terrible diet and those 50 extra pounds that don't seem to ever want to leave. After my constant battle with injured shins last spring during my ill-fated attempt to train for the Portland marathon, I kind of gave up on myself. It's hard when you have the drive to do the training but your body betrays you. After that happened, I sort of went into a downward spiral and really struggled with depression for the rest of the year. Things went looking up in the fall (you might remember my short Fly Lady kick) but headed back into the basement this spring. It's hard to get excited about designing or blogging when all you want to do is sleep all day...

I feel like I'm getting back under control. I've started back on Weight Watchers and have dropped 5 lbs already in the last two weeks. I've decided that if I can't run a marathon, I'll walk one. My goal is now to walk the Portland Marathon in 2009. I've also decided to see if I can get a last-minute team together for the Portland to Coast walk relay (if you're in the area and have any interest, e-mail me!) since I won't be able to get the training in for this year's marathon. It's amazing how much difference a change in diet can make. Maybe Tom Cruise was right and all we depressed women need is more vitamins! (Um, I'm joking, BTW - I will NEVER agree with TC on that one...).

I even got motivated to finally make a long-delayed dentist appointment! I'm not looking forward to that one... I'm sure I've got at least one cavity hiding in there (plus I live in fear of being told that I can't put off having my wisdom teeth out any more). Wish me luck!


Blogger greetingarts said...

You go, Chrissy. I am behind you cheering 100% of the way. I've got an extra 35 or 40 pounds that I wouldn't be sorry to see go, either, and after ending up in the ER with severe chest pains (not a heart attack, just anxiety and poor diet), I'm trying to change my life, too. Good luck to us both!

2:46 PM  
Blogger yarnophiliac said...

Chrisyy, so glad to see that business is doing so well! No surprise, tho, your designs are wonderful. As for the fatigue thing, I hear ya! If I don't get my butt up and moving first thing in the morning, I just want to climb back in to bed. I'm trying to get in a regular routine of taking my pup for an hour walk in the morn, before I start working. Good for him and I've lost weight -- come back awake too! -- but it is hard when the kids are home all the time, like this week, cause I don't like them coming with me on the country roads. Bad. (Yeah, I tried Fly lady too this year. Didn't stick.)

5:31 AM  
Blogger Lavendersheep said...

I had my wisdom teeth out a couple of months ago and it isn't that bad. It sounds much worse than it actually is.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Kim S. said...

Glad to see another post from you. Boy, I could almost have written an identical post. The depression, weight gain, postponed dentist appts, etc. My dentist-related fear is that he's going to tell me that the 2 baby teeth I still have need to be pulled...yep, 40 (oh hell, 46) years old and still have baby teeth. I have an appt on Monday -- do you think he'll be able to tell that I've been grinding my teeth over TNNA preparations?? LOL

2:54 PM  
Blogger Meghann said...

Yipee! I can tell you I've been in the same spot for a while now. I didn't drop my baby weight after mys on was born 16 months ago, I've been tired and sick and depressed all winter. It finally came a head a couple weeks ago and I joined the local Y...I'm eating better, going to the Y 3 days a week and I feel BETTER! Great job:)

8:37 AM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

i know what you mean with the fatigue. I usually don't really get going again after winter until I start getting some of the spring sunshine. Going to the cardio room at the rec center while my daughter is at dance class seems to be helping. I'm up for the Hood to Coast walk, though. I'd definitely be interested in joining your team. I think I could knit something simple and walk at the same time.

2:08 PM  

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