Monday, September 10, 2007

Now I see...

what all the fuss is about! Last night, I finally got my Ravelry invite. I have been wasting time in there ever since. If you haven't yet signed up for an invite, go now! It is really cool. I finally feel like I'm a member of the "in crowd"! (Yes, it is a bit annoying that they limit access, but I understand why they're doing it and it's a necessary evil - little did they know when they started this little website what a sensation it would cause!)

I've also discovered over the weekend that the creative process of knit design has started to finally spill over into other aspects of my life. For example, I've never liked cooking. It has always seemed like a chore to me. All my life, though, I've been one of those people who always followed the instructions to the letter. I couldn't cook anything without a recipe. I couldn't knit anything without a pattern.

Realizing that I can experiment, and make mistakes, and rip back (or rip out completely) has been so liberating for me. Recently, I've taken my newfound freedom into the kitchen and started tossing stuff together. We've been getting some great stuff from our CSA farm share and I've decided that I'm no longer going to let it sit in the vegetable drawer until it rots into compost. Bill suggested I make pesto from some basil that we got, so I tossed it into the food processor along with some garlic, salt and olive oil. Voila! Pesto! Then, I decided to get crazy and make some chocolate chip zucchini cake. I did follow a recipe for this one, but I wantonly substituted whole wheat flour for white. Yum!

We got a bunch of different kinds of peppers in our CSA basket this week. The first kind were some sweet frying peppers, which they suggested we fry up with butter or olive oil. Normally, these peppers would be doomed to the compost bin after they shriveled on our counter for a few weeks. But I got motivated to try something new and so I fried them up in a pan - they were so yummy! It was such a grand success, I decided to use the other peppers we got and make some chile rellenos for breakfast yesterday. These were a bit more of a failed experiment (I didn't get the outside breading right and it slid right off, and the peppers didn't cook long enough to soften up), but they were still mighty tasty. I stuffed them with cheddar cheese and just ate them as finger food. What really surprised me is how much Owen liked them! He literally ripped the last bite out of my hand and stuffed it in his mouth. That boy likes his veggies!

I can't help but think that my newfound freedom in the kitchen has something to do with the creativity inspired by my new career. I wonder what other aspects of my life I can enhance with my creative liberation?

And now I must go - Owen got ahold of some safety scissors and is currently stalking the house for any unguarded pieces of paper...this after I told him that under no circumstances could he cut the t-shirt that I'm wearing (or any of my yarn)!


Anonymous Beanmama said...

I am so lucky Rosaline hasn't cut my yarn yet. She cut a ball of sock yarn for socks I was making for HER, but that's kind of different. ;)

She does LOVE her some scissors, though!

So glad you made it to Ravelry!! At the risk of dating myself -- as Admiral Calavicci would say, "ain't it a kick in the butt?"

3:58 PM  

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