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It has been a whole week since I posted last - how did that happen? Part of the problem is that my laptop has been cooped up in my office so it's harder for me to get any internet time during the day (if I let the kids run wild in my office, I always regret it afterwards).

First, I have some very sad news to share with you. My dear friend and your fellow SAM2-er Katrina lost her little brother in a car accident on Friday. I just found out about this and haven't talked to her yet, but I spoke with her husband briefly tonight. She is with her family this week for the memorial service, and I'm sure they would all appreciate your thoughts and prayers as they find their way through this very difficult time. We love you, Katrina!

It almost seems wrong to do a sock update after hearing such devastating news, but Katrina is one tough chick, and I know she'd want the show to go on. So, here I go, trying to make up for a week of no posts with one gargantuan monster post.

What happened this week in Knittin' Mom land? We had some fun for Halloween, and here we are in our costumes:

(This was the best picture out of a half dozen that were taken. Scary!) And here are our awesome jack-o-lanterns:

This was also my first running week in my training-to-start-my-marathon-training training. I had to do three days of run for 5 mins, walk for 5 mins. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it gave me hope that I was actually able to do it! It gives me faith in the training program. Yesterday I ran around the neighborhood in the rain, which wasn't so great, but on Wednesday afternoon, Owen and I went down to the bike path that runs along the Columbia River. It was ridiculously windy, but the sky was blue, the river was gorgeous, Mt. Hood was glistening in the distance - it was great! The best part about the bike path is not having to either dodge cars in the street or try to maneuver the jogging stroller up and down curbs.

We've had a little bit of cat-related excitement as well, mostly related to her deciding that Sydney's bed is a great place to pee. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I don't like it! We've also been reminded that we can't leave Owen alone in the same room as the cat box...

I think that the poor little face-down baby-doll and the lone sock add to the horror of this picture. I need to figure out a way to get the boy to realize that the kitty box is NOT a sandbox! Kika has also discovered my yarn. She's pretty good about leaving it alone, but there's this bulky alpaca that she is absolutely obsessed with. She kept running into my office and attacking it, so I finally gave in and let her have it.

I got a little goodness in the mail, including this little Halloween-themed batch of goodies from my SP9:

Check out these stitch markers - they are so cool!

Thanks so much, SP! I also got some yarny goodness.

The dark purple skein is from The Yarn Yard and was generously donated as prize yarn by Natalie. The lighter skein is from Mama-E's fall sock club. It is sooooo gorgeous. If you haven't tried her yarn before, you're definitely missing out! I absolutely adore it - stay tuned for an exciting announcement very soon that involves some of it.

Oh, and I've been doing a little bit of knitting as well. My Harvest Sock Swap sock is done (I can't remember if I mentioned that already or not) and is being test knit during the month of November. It's going to be called Autumn in Oregon, and it is pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself. I'm also working up a pair of men's socks for the Spring issue of Cast-On as well as some cabled socks for The Sweet Sheep in Michelle's gorgeous colorway Blue Eyed Devil. Love it!

And now, let's see what you all have been up to!

Kat finished some very fall Madder Rib Socks.

Sara is bringin' down the sock stash a little bit more with these two pairs and some early November Beaudelaires.

Christine made up a pair of crazy gorgeous Scale Skin Socks.

Virtuella whipped up two pairs of Opal socks and some early November green toe-ups.

Liz made some Widdershins out of Socks that Rock.

Miki has some cute hamsters and some garter rib socks.

Johanna made some very cute little socks for October.

Uli finished her first pair of toe-up socks and some Socktober Socks.

Rachel made some Elfine Socks.

Lyndsey whipped up two pairs in October.

Jill made some S'mores socks for her Starfish.

On the last day of October, Beth finished her Jaywalkers.

Julie B got started on her Xmas knitting with these little ones:

Jennie made some very pretty Huron Mountain socks.

Joni finished off a pair of birthday socks.

Robin made socks for her husband that he's totally in love with:

Shelby finally finished up her Project Spectrum socks.

Lisa made some ankle socks to kill off some yarn that had been hanging around.

Susie finished some socks for Lily.

Vicki made some orangy Trekking Socks.

Lisa made her first ever short row heels on her October socks.

Angela knitted a lovely pair of Maple Leaf socks.

Michelle whipped up these little cuties:

Just in time for Halloween, Abigail brings us the tale of The Socks From Hell.

Shayla made some Widdershins.

Christa made some Lagoon Garter Rib socks.

Mary knitted some very cool Monster Mash socks (get the details here) and some cabled footies.

Jenipurr made three pairs for October.

Stacey's got some totally awesome DNA socks. Love them!

Tammy finished some STR Citrine socks on Halloween Night.

AmyDe made some socks for her son - you can see them almost done in this post. Once she finished them, he wouldn't let her take them off him to get a picture!

Linda's got Socktoberfest Jaywalkers!

Silja finished three October pairs!

Sprite just barely finished some Artyarns socks (go to the post and you'll see what I mean - yikes!).

And now for the first of the November socks...

Bettina made some awesome orange Traveler's Stockings for her November entry.

Monica made some Sassy Stripes socks. I was disappointed to see that the yarn was a little sketchy - I haven't actually knit a pair of socks out of the Sassy Stripes (it's from Cascade), but I love it so I've been buying it and giving it away as gifts... Anyone else had bad luck with this yarn?

And our final entry for today, Charity, with her colorful little socks.

Happy knitting, everyone! Great socks!


Blogger Marvie said...

Hi, I've never left a comment before (I'm a huge lurker!) but the kitty got me to come out of hiding ;)

(if you know all of this already, just ignore me!)

Cats rarely ever go anywhere but their box, so if this is new behavior from a well trained kitty, it's a sign of something. Most often it's the first sign of a bladder problem. It's seen much more in male cats, but females get it too (my own girl did, a round of meds and she was fine) For some reason, this time of year seems to be when these infections start popping up in kitties everywhere, so get your kitty to the vet if this continues. Trust me, a quick trip to the vet for antibiotics is much cheaper than letting it go too long. One of my boys had a UTI that went on for too long, and over $2,000 later, two weeks in the kitty hospital and after having nearly died on us twice, he is now on a special diet for life. It definately pays to act quickly! Tigger went downhill *very* quickly from the time his problem was noticed till we got him to the vet. A matter of a few days can really save a kitty's life. It doesn't take long for this to become life threatening in such tiny bodies.

I just can't help but butt in whenever I hear someone mention a kitty peeing outside it's box, if I can save someone else from having to go through what our Tigger (and our wallets) went through....

One last thing, if you get Kitty to the vet and there is no infection, see if anything has changed in your house. It's not unusual for a change to upset a kitty, and they have so few ways to get their feelings across to us, that peeing outside the box is sometimes the *only* way they can tell us if they're sick or unhappy with something. A change in box location, a new addition to the household, anything that might have stressed Kitty out...

1:32 AM  
Blogger Stariel said...

Uh oh, my socks didn't make the update!

I'm going to start the Autumn in Oregon socks soon - hopefully tonight. :)

10:44 AM  
Blogger Manda said...

You forgot my October socks. :-)

1:57 PM  

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