Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Socks galore!

I have a bunch of sock updates for you. But first, let me tempt you with a photo of the January prize yarn!

It would be very interesting to see a pair of Jaywalkers made out of this... Hmm...

Also, I'd like to take a little survey. What is your all-time favorite sock yarn? Let me know, and I just might take some of your suggestions and toss them into the prize bin.

And now, on to the updates...

Erica finished a very loooooong pair of knee-high socks for her husband. They are quite impressive!

Choomon finished a gorgeous pair of Best Foot Forward socks from the Knit Socks! book.

Lisa also finished her January socks. You have GOT to go check out her "Stickin' It To The Man" socks.

Ragan finished a lovely pair of fuzzy-trimmed socks. Too cute!

And we have a new knit-alonger, Merete, who already has her January socks done - a nice pair of stripy socks she knit up for her granddaughter.

Whew! We've currently got 68 knit-alongers and 14 people who have finished their January socks already. 14 knitting days left this month, folks!

I'm off to FedEx after I finish this post to mail off two more submissions for Quick To Knit Gifts. I swear, I'm taking over that magazine! I can't totally spill the beans on what they're going to be, but here are a couple little nibbles:

It's kind of funny, because I don't think of myself as a big felter, but all of the designs that I'm doing for them are felted, except for one (and that one is socks). Then again, felting is easy, cool, and it seems to be very popular. I just find it a bit odd that I'm having all this success with felted designs when I don't think of myself as a felting expert by any stretch of the imagination.

I just started a babysitting swap with a friend from playgroup. So I have the house to myself for three whole hours! Of course, I will have hell to pay on Friday when everyone is over here. I'll get to see what it's like to have four kids under 3. I think I'm going to be glad that it's only for a few hours! Although my friend's kids are two very sweet little girls, and the older one is just a month older than Sydney so they get along pretty well. I was going to spend the whole time working, but here I am, one hour down, and I'm still blogging! These knit-alongs are a lot of work! But I love it - I'm having such a great time seeing all these socks, and visiting lots of blogs that I haven't seen before. Keep 'em coming, sockers!


Blogger candsmom said...

Dang it, I missed 2 of your posts again! Bloglines is on my hit-list...Your date with Bill sounded so perfect!! Anything involving knitting, sleeping and double stuff oreos with no interruptions sounds like nirvana. ;-) Thanks for all the sock updates- your KAL is making its way all across the blogosphere- how awesome!! And congratulations on all the submissions, too! Looks like you're going to have the monopoly on the knitting mags this year. ;-) I'm so happy for you, Chrissy!! You must be crazy busy with all the knitting and swatching, but it's definitely all paying off. Take care! :-)

2:35 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Lots of sock action! I like knitting socks but never get around to the second sock. Luckily my daughter likes them mismatched!
p.s. I tagged you on my blog.

3:02 PM  
Blogger Erica said...

The four kids isn't so bad, as long as it's short stretches of time. Granted you won't get anything done, but having three hours to yourself sounds like a great price to pay!

3:13 AM  
Blogger amylovie said...

Not having knit a lot of socks, I can't really say I have a favorite. I'll tell you a sock yarn I DON'T like though. Wildefoote Luxury sock yarn from Brown Sheep. It's very rough and itchy.


5:16 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Thank you so much for the "sneak peeks" on your submissions - it's so exciting!!! I sure hope the book makes it to my grocery store - I will buy one for sure. Thank you also for putting together this great KAL - it is so fun and inspiring to see all the socks being knit out there. I'm not sure about my favorite sock yarn - I have tons in my stash (can't seem to keep from buying it), but so far haven't graduated from Knit Picks Essential. But any prize yarn is awesome yarn, regardless. Good luck on Friday will all the little ones - no knitting or blogging getting done that day!!

5:52 AM  
Blogger Dene said...

All time favorite sock yarn is Opal. One skein makes a pair of socks for my ski-length feet and it wears wonderfully. I can toss it in the washer and not fret if it sneaks by me and ends up in the dryer (I normally dry socks flat).
P.S. Can you update my January sock on your sidebar when you have a moment? Thanks a bunch for the KAL!!

6:56 AM  
Blogger lexa said...

I can count on two hands the number of socks I've knit. The sock fever has just recently hit me! Been surfing for fancy sock yarns and patterns. So far I like the self striping stuff. I have only used Fortissima Socka so far. I haven't gotten any Opal yet, but they have lovely colors. Lorna's Laces is nice, too. I've started a pair of socks from some leftover Socka for my three-year-old, so I should have my January pair finished very soon!

7:11 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hey Chrissy! I have finished socks! Thanks for hosting this KAL. I hope it doesn't start to rule your life! Let me know if you need help.

7:23 AM  
Blogger Acornbud said...

Enjoying all the socks-I'm a sock voyeur ;)
Yikes al those toddlers at once? Can you drug them...just kidding. Perhaps you can hire police protection.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Hmm, can I make DF's jaywalkers into footlets to make sure I get a J by my name? tempted, tempted...

I don't have a preference for sock yarns since I'm only on my second pair of socks. I'm thinking anything sport weight at the rate I'm going with the fingering weight stuff...

1:33 PM  

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