Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Before I forget...

I heard from my Secret Pal a few days ago! I've been meaning to write about it, but I can never remember to write about all of the things I want to write about when I'm actually writing. So, hi, SP, if you're reading this! It's too fun to have a SP. I'm also really enjoying being a SP, but I can't talk too much about that, just in case the person I'm pal to stumbles across this site!

I was accessory to a felony yesterday (or maybe it was only a misdemeanor), but first some knitting. To see progress on Sue's Christmas present, click here. I also cast on for Spork:

As you can see, it's almost as long as my two needles combined, which makes it quite a squish to get it onto a single needle. So, it would've been much better on a circular, but I didn't have one handy when I got this started and I was (of course) too impatient and lazy to go upstairs and dig it out. It's on 10-1/2's, and I love how fast things knit up on the big needles!

So, on to the crime story. The crime was breaking and entering, and the perpetrator was my brother-in-law, aided and abetted by my father-in-law and myself. Okay, that sounds more exciting than it really was, since the house we broke into was mine... We have a really old door handle that has buttons on the side of the door that you can push to make it so the door is always locked from the outside (kinda like a hotel room door). Unbeknownst to me, Sydney pushed the lock button in before we left the house (since she can't resist getting her little poking fingers into anything and everything button-like). When we came back, the door handle was stuck tight. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I was suspicious of the little lock button.

I packed the kids back in the van and headed over to my parents-in-law's. Fortunately, they were home and my father-in-law was willing to help with his big, tall ladder. We retrieved my brother-in-law (who was home from work sick) and headed back to the locked Chez Knittin' Mom. Fortunately, I had left one of the upstairs bedroom windows unlocked, so Chris climbed up the ladder, took the screen off, accidentally dropped a crowbar off the side of the roof (narrowly missing my father-in-law), and climbed through the window. I was very happy that nobody fell off the roof, and that I was able to get into the house without having to call a locksmith. And, I was so happy to get to my knitting! We'd gone to a movie matinee (which Sydney tolerated for about 20 minutes), and I hadn't brought my knitting. I was so happy to see my stash, I promptly got out my Lamb's Pride and cast on for Spork. After all, a girl could always use one more WIP, right?


Blogger candsmom said...

Ooh, a bona fide criminal! Hey, when you're a mom, you learn quickly to put enough spin on events to add some spice to the world of spit-up and diapers. I, for one, am jealous of your Thelma and Louise hi-jinx.:)

11:57 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Well, at least you were't naked wrapped in a towel, right?

It's disturbing to me how easy it can be to get into a house and how it's not really much of an eyebrow raiser to see someone drive up with a ladder and climb through the window. We actually came back from the weekend and realized that we had left the screen door and the sliding glass door to our patio wide open to the apartment the entire weekend. Fortunately, nothing was amiss.

1:35 PM  

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