Monday, December 22, 2008

We are totally snowed in!

So Portland has gotten record snowfall in the past few days (record since the 50s anyway) with a nice layer of freezing rain smack dab in the middle. So there are about 10" of lovely, fluffy snow covered in a 1/4" layer of ice, covered with another 4" or so of snow. We don't even own a snow shovel, so our driveway has remained smooth and pristine since last Thursday. I'm glad I stocked up on butter and toilet paper!

Here are some nice wintry pics:

That last one is of the front of our car out in the driveway. It's nutty!

I grew up in weather like this, but the problem with snow in Portland is that they don't have the capacity to handle it here. In Minnesota when it snows, it seems like the streets are all plowed and salted/sanded instantly. Portland has like four snowplows to cover the entire city, so side streets go untouched. I'm sure we'd be fine if we did venture out, but there's no pressing reason to so we've stayed in the house like good little snowbound folks.

I've been watching lots of movies, doing lots of knitting and baking up a storm. We've got a market within walking distance so I was able to send Bill on an emergency run for powdered sugar, butter and Hershey's Kisses. Here's the rundown, starting Saturday:

- 2 batches of sugar cookies using two different recipes (the first attempt was with white whole wheat flour and the Betty Crocker recipe, and they were impossible to roll out but tasted really good - the second attempt was with white flour and Bill's mom's recipe, and they rolled out much better and tasted very nice as well)

- chocolate chip bread
- cinnamon swirl bread
- peanut butter blossom cookies (with the Hershey's Kiss on top)
- russian teacakes
- gingerbread cookies with freshly ground flour (I finally got out the Kitchenaid mixer attachment Bill got me for Xmas last year...)

Next on the agenda:
- chocolate crinkle cookies
- pumpkin cookies
- coconut macaroons or quinoa chocolate chip cookies
- candy cane bread

My goal is to use up the rest of the white flour and sugar so that it's not taking up room in my fridge/cabinet anymore! I'm also hoping to cookie the kids out so that they don't act like heroin addicts looking for a fix every time there's a baked good in the house. So far it's not working - they can put away an amazing amount of junk food! The kids helped decorate the sugar cookies and the gingerbread men in addition to eating them. They had quite the festive time!

The decorating was quite skillful (well, Sydney's cookies, anyway - Owen still needs a bit more work on his motor skills):

Now we're going to spend the evening watching Christmas Vacation and eating spaghetti. I hope you're all staying warm and safe, wherever you are spending the holidays!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No shovel? Sounds like a small shovel on hand is in order. I've been snowbound for 6 days now---I'm breakin' out today and getting my haircut in downtown Seattle today, and 8" of flaky white stuff and ice ain't stoppin' me. I hope.

7:13 AM  

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