Friday, December 12, 2008


Ah, putting things off - how I love it. As you can probably tell from this flurry of blog posts, I'm using any excuse to keep from doing things that really need to get done. I had a flurry of design-related activity the other day, which included getting a bunch of test knitters lined up for the January patterns. I was hoping it would prod me into actually getting the patterns written up and sent out, but so far it hasn't been too effective. I got a scarf pattern formatted, but apparently it has some major problems. I haven't been back to look at it again. Thank god for test knitters, is all I can say! I love them all like my own children.

I should be formatting patterns right now. But it's almost lunchtime, so soon I'll be wandering in to see what's in the fridge (some of my Kitchen Sink Soup along with some hummus from last week that must get eaten...). Then I'll need to check on the new batch of apples that's in the dehydrator (which I spent last night chopping up instead of sitting in front of the computer). I'm trying out the fruit leather tray with some persimmon puree - we'll see how that goes! I've also got a full bucket of persimmons sitting outside my front door, waiting to be dealt with.

This morning I spent two hours as parent helper in Sydney's classroom, which involved supervising eight very hyper kindergarteners while they decorated gingerbread houses. They had to spread icing on the roof and decorate it with candy. They weren't supposed to eat the icing since it's made with raw egg whites, but of course they couldn't resist (particularly the boys, who told me that they loved to be sick and loved having tummy aches). The class also decorated gingerbread cookies, which we took to the cafeteria kitchen to be baked. The teacher then made the mistake of telling the kids that one of the gingerbread men escaped from the oven and was running around the school (they'd been reading the story of the gingerbread man), so of course the kids were almost impossible to keep in their seats because they wanted to run around and look for the missing gingerbread man... Sydney's teacher has the patience of ten saints, god bless her!

When I left the classroom, I was literally panting and sweating, it was such hard work monitoring that small group of kids! It's just amazing what those teachers do on a daily basis. It's pretty fun to watch, though, because in general they are all great kids - some are just better at sitting still and listening than others!

We're supposed to be getting snow this weekend here in Portland, which is a pretty rare occurrence. Snow is already falling in the mountains (we're getting rained on, which is quite normal for this time of year). Fortunately our molting chicken has gotten all her feathers back, so they should be able to weather the cold. I'm not so sure about the rest of us! And now I'm going to go find my lunch, and watch a little television, so I can spend the afternoon WORKING. I really will, I swear!


Anonymous m.k. said...

If you ever have to deal with kids wanting to eat the forbidden icing, there are some good recipes for vegan royal icing out there - I love baking vegan cupcakes because I can fearlessly eat the batter!

And congrats on getting into Knitty! I know it's been a goal for you, and hey, a pattern AND an article! Woo-hoo!

1:56 PM  
Blogger pdxknitterati said...

We always used commercial frosting for the very same reason.

Procrastinate away! I love your new socks in Knitty; they're even cooler in that pic than the one that was on your blog. (Detail circling the heel is great)

6:48 PM  

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