Monday, October 13, 2008

Wasting time...

It seems like all I do lately is piddle away the day. You'd think that I'd be upset about this, but I'm actually quite enjoying myself. My design work is the main thing to suffer, but my family is more than happy to have home-cooked meals, freshly-baked bread and a clean house. This seems like a cycle I go through every fall - perhaps there's something about the shortening days that make me go into nesting mode?

Yesterday is a perfect example. Bill was gone most of the day, which normally fills me with dread. However, yesterday I decided to make the best of it. Instead of sitting the kids in front of the television, we baked cookies (although I couldn't let the little monsters help because they would bicker constantly about who got to do what, and how it wasn't fair if they didn't get to do exactly the same things, or sit on the taller chair, or mix with the bigger spoon...), took a long walk which was interrupted early-on when we ran into friends from down the block and had to stop and play for awhile, read a bunch of library books, made mud pies in the backyard, collected leaves and sticks and pressed the leaves in a book, yada yada yada. We topped the day off by making homemade noodles and watching the Simpsons Movie in our pjs and sleeping bags on the tv-room floor.

It was a great day, but I got very little knitting done. I've got the old design malaise back again and I'm hoping that it doesn't last too much longer. I've got a book to write, and new designs to work up for TNNA. I've got other designers lined up to add patterns to my line and test knitters waiting patiently for something new to come down the pipe. We're having a book photography session this coming weekend and I have at least one more pair of socks that need to be finished before then. But I just can't help myself - perhaps my creative spirit needs a bit of a break now and then to recharge, and it just so happens that the change of season brings it on.

I should be writing a knee-high pattern down to distribute to the test knitters, but instead I think I'm going to search for recipes to use up our green tomatoes that aren't going to ripen before they freeze off the vine. I caught a snippet of the Splendid Table radio show on NPR last weekend that was talking about making a pie out of green tomatoes that's better than apple pie. Sounds intriguing! Anyone have any favorite green tomato recipes (besides fried green tomatoes, which I've tried and am not crazy about)?


Blogger Chris said...

Cookies and noodles in the same day! Sounds lovely!

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