Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Clarification and pretty stuff

Knifty Knitter brought up a good point in her comments to my last post - not all rich people are exploitative and it's not necessary to exploit others in order to have plenty yourself. I was railing against those who DO exploit others in order to have more money/stuff than any human really needs. I'm sure that there are plenty of people who would find my family's lifestyle lavish, what with expensive private preschools, numerous vacations and me able to stay home with the kids and work at a career that I really love but, let's face it, has been a financial drain until this year where I am FINALLY turning the corner towards profitability. There are many different levels of rich, and many different ways to get there. I got an e-mail from the Obama campaign today that summed up my feelings on the so-called American Dream quite nicely:

"We measure the strength of our economy not by the number of billionaires we have or the profits of the Fortune 500, but by whether someone with a good idea can take a risk and start a new business, or whether the waitress who lives on tips can take a day off to look after a sick kid without losing her job -- an economy that honors the dignity of work."

That's what I was trying to express rather awkwardly in my last post. When I first graduated from college, I worked at a start-up software company that grew extremely quickly during my first few years there. The executives got quite rich, but they also offered us great benefits and decent salaries, recognizing that they weren't the only ones working hard to ensure the company's success. I didn't and don't begrudge them their wealth for one second. I worked there when offshoring became all the rage, and they kept all the work in-house even though offshoring promised an easy way to increase profitability by getting rid of higher-paid workers. Anyway, enough about me. Let's look at some yarn.

I've pulled together some gorgeous yarns for the socks in my book. Here are just a few samples...

Mt Colors Bearfoot in Marigold (love that orange!):

Handmaiden Casbah (so very, very yummy):

Dream In Color Smooshy (yum, yum, yum):

And my current fave (which just arrived in the mail today), this gorgeous red (the photograph does NOT do it justice) from Curious Creek Fibers:

It's the same color as the strawberries I just bought and made into more freezer jam! Tasty!

Now I've got to stop procrastinating and get a few different patterns written up (my Knit-Purl sock club pattern is due today, and I just finished the last pattern repeat on the second sock this morning while watching the Nicholas Cage remake of The Wicker Man). I can't seem to say no to anything new that comes along, which is really making book work difficult! How do you say no to Kate Gilbert and the Twist Collective, though? (Stay tuned in November for more on what I've been doing there...)


Anonymous sprite said...

Oooh! Twist!

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Bonney said...

That orange is fantastic!!

4:46 AM  
Blogger yarnophiliac said...

OO! So excited we'll be seing you in Twist! YAY! (btw -- I hear ya on the pre-schools and working-at-home. It definitely isn't easy, and we have made our sacrifices, too. And we are BY NO MEANS rich. I'm just getting tired of living hand-to-mouth and being afraid the bottom will fall out for us. Something HAS to change.)

5:31 AM  
Blogger Knifty Knitter said...

Thanks for the clarification :) I hope you don't think I was trying to start any huge debate on your website. I'm just thankfully I live in a country where people can form and express their own opinions and still be friends in the end. But enough about politics...Oooh! Pretty yarn :)

4:36 PM  
Blogger Allegra said...

That Handmaiden is to die for! What colorway is it??

12:47 PM  

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