Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Help our friends on the Gulf Coast!

As you may have heard, this little hurricane named Ike has just devastated southeastern Texas, pretty much demolishing Galveston and causing extensive damage in Houston and surrouding areas. Serendipitously, I've got a new sock pattern to release that just happens to be named "Hurricane Socks".

Rather than panic at my bad timing, I've decided to offer the Hurricane Socks pattern as a fundraiser for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, which is currently depleted, so that we can help them get supplies and give shelter to all of the people who have been displaced by both Ike and Gustav. I've already donated as much as I can personally, but this allows me to use my talent to help where my wallet can't! I encourage everyone who can to donate as much as they are able as well - you can donate directly here.

Hurricane Socks:

Click on the picture in this post (or on the sidebar) to go to the pattern page on my website and get instructions for purchase. The pattern costs $6, and I will donate all profits from downloads of this pattern through October 15 (minus PayPal fees only) to the Red Cross. Subsequent sales of the pattern after Oct 15 (when I will take my button down and go back to offering it only through my retailers) will continue to raise money for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, with $2 from each pattern sold being donated.

When purchasing, be sure to include your correct e-mail address so I can get the pattern to you. I will e-mail all patterns out within 48 hours of receiving your order (hopefully a lot sooner, but I'm going to give myself a nice time cushion to avoid over-promising and under-delivering).

Let's raise some money for hurricane victims, knittahs!


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how do I buy the pattern please?

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