Monday, June 11, 2007

Running geeks

I should really be putting the knitting guild newsletter together right now, but I'm deep in procrastination mode. Yesterday Bill and I made our 2nd annual trek down to Hayward Field in Eugene for the Prefontaine Classic track meet. Even though I can't for the life of me get Bill excited about going to a fiber festival, he has somehow managed to get me excited about going to a track meet. It was particularly fun due to the lack of small children (there were small children there, but we weren't responsible for them in any way).

It was a perfect day for the meet - not too hot, not too cold, and the rain managed to hold off for the most part. One of our favorite games to play on the drive from Portland to Eugene is "spot the hawks". For some reason, there are a gazillion hawks circling the skies along the I-5 corridor. On the way down, we counted 27 and we hit a record number of 31 on the drive home. That's a lot of hawks!

We were in the 2nd row of bleachers and had a fantastic view of the track (other than the fact that we were on the opposite side from the finish line - you can't have everything, I guess!). I got to try out the setting on my camera where you hold the shutter down and it just keeps clicking away so that you can somewhat capture action sequences. I ended up taking around 300 pictures (thank goodness for gigantic digital flash drives), many of which look like this:

I did manage to capture some cool pole-vaulting sequences:

I was having a great time with these until Bill yelled at me not to use up all my pictures on pole vaulters (and I was starting to feel like a jinx anyway since every single sequence I shot ended in a scratch). He was most keenly interested in the mile and the 2-mile, both of which were great races yesterday. This guy (who is from Wisconsin - can you tell?) set a new American record in the 2-mile (even though he came in 3rd!):

The guy who won the mile ran it in the fastest time ever run on American soil. Bill got to slap his hand during his victory lap. I only somewhat managed to capture the moment...

It was an interesting contrast to go from Friday night's Harlot reading, where I was in the company of all nature of knitting geeks, to Sunday's track meet, where I was surrounded by running geeks who could tell you the name of every runner, what their best time was, what the world, American and track records were for their particular event, etc. etc. etc.

I'm getting to the point where some of the names sound familiar (Adam Goucher, Alan Webb) but I couldn't necessarily tell you why. I'm guessing I feel much like Bill does about this knitting business - he's heard the names Pam Allen and Amy Singer, but he couldn't tell you what they do (other than it's something related to knitting). I was completely out of my element, but I had an absolute blast. Not only that, but I got half a sock done on the drive!

Oh, and just in case anyone missed it, I made the Harlot's blog! Woot!


Anonymous sprite said...

We were watching on tv and particularly were impressed by the steeplechase. Gosh, he was fast!

2:14 PM  
Blogger lexa said...

Congrats on making The Harlot's blog! I saw that yesterday. :)

5:42 PM  
Blogger Yarn Thing said...

You know it is so nice to see a track meet. I used to Throw (shotput, discus, hammer) in college and remember traveling to University of Oregon for this meet.

Crazy how my life has changes so much since then and here I am reading one of my favorite knitting blogs and I see a track meet! Thanks for the great pics...only next time...don't waste pics on the pole people..get the throwers :-)


9:30 AM  

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