Sunday, October 08, 2006

sock update & kitty p*rn

Poor Bill is in Laguna Beach for a few days at a conference. We liked So Cal when we lived there, but now he can't wait to get home where the people have all their original body parts and you can find a parking space without too much trouble. I'm quite happy to be home with our new kitty. She is so sweet!

Sydney spent most of yesterday cooking in her new kitchen (okay, is this picture going to make all the feminists cringe or what?):

She got a new ballerina costume on the same day that she got the kitchen, so she couldn't resist trying them out at the same time. She whipped up quite the smorgasboard of plastic food for her new best bud:

Owen is quite enamored with our new addition as well.

Which is fine with me, since it keeps him busy and from doing things like this:

I was working away on my computer in the dining room, happy that the kids were entertaining themselves quietly. I should've known it was a little bit too quiet... Leave Owen alone in a room with a half-full cup of milk with no lid and a custard-filled bismarck, and something bad will undoubtedly happen. He was quite delighted by the whole thing, but Bill was not so happy to find the last bismarck destroyed in such a disrespectful manner (we get these from a little shop down the street, and they are SO good and often sold out by the time we get there).

I have some wonderful knitting to show you (I am in LOVE with the yarn I am working with right now - I will take a picture for you very soon). But I want to get Nelda's sock update posted before the boy wakes up, realizes I'm not there, and starts raising hell. So far the cat has kept away from the yarn, which is good. I hope it stays that way, since as you can see from the pictures above, I'm not much of a housekeeper!

Thank you, Nelda, for all your hard work on the update this week!!! And before we start in, I want to announce the September winner. It is...Tammy! Congrats, chica! E-mail me your addy so I can send you your prize. That means I'm going to have to decide what the prize is...hmm. Okay, here's your update.


First we have some September socks to finish up, then Chrissy can draw for a September winner:

CrazyBasketLady has these pretty Opal rainbow socks.

Ashley gets a brownie point for her Socks of Doom for Sock Wars!

Jenipurr made these cool breast cancer socks

Uli also finished some Socks of Doom for Sock Wars. These look sooo comfy.

Now on to the October socks that have been rolling in: We are kicking off Socktoberfest in fine fashion.

First up, Sara finished some awesome Trekking XXL stockings, I love those colors.

Teri P. made some beautiful ribbed cashmere socks.

Stariel made some pretty rainbow socks and these amazing lace socks from her own pattern and even shares the pattern, check it out! She also made these and these little cuties. All hail the sock queen :o)

Pat has some Friday harbor Socks. Those are so cool, I gotta get that book!!

Karen has some identical twins from Opal sock yarn.

Carole has some toasty toes socks in lovely Fall colors.

Melanie finished some pretty blue pomatomus socks

Aija made someboyfriend socks. What a cool looking pattern.

Michelle finished up some jaywalkers from awesome yarn that she dyed.

Kelly D made these lovelies, man I love Fall colors

ZhiWen made these Father and Son socks. Lucky Guy!

Rachel made these enormous white socks for soldiers. Wow!

Jen has her first pair for the knit-a-long. Awww, cute camo socks for her son!

Nadine has 4 pairs this month, these 2, some Lorna's Laces and Socks of Doom and these 2, one is Trekking XXL and the other Artyarns, mmm, artyarns.

Sharon has these Feather Fan lace beauties, love that colorway.

Helga has these awesome angora socks for her hubby.

Silja finished up a couple of pairs, these Regia socks and these very cool sandal socks.

Bobbi made these Lorna's Laces camo socks, she won the yarn in Sock-a-Month 1. Very nice!

That's all of the socks for this week folks! Great job on all of them!


Blogger Shelley said...

Hmmm...I have my September socks done, but they weren't mentioned in either of the last two sock updates. I do see that they have been counted though, so I suppose that is the main thing.

7:22 AM  
Blogger Abigail 1870 pearl said...

Silly me. I forget to get my update to you. I finished a pair of Ruby Slippers for my Mom.

8:58 AM  
Blogger jillian said...

Can't get enough of that cutie kitty! It's adorable how the kiddies both clearly adore her!

1:25 PM  
Blogger Roxie said...

Your little domestic goddess looks like she's having a ball! there's not a thing wrong with a person having many skills in many areas.Feminists need not feel anguished.

And the kitty is so adorable! what a well-mannered girl! Lucky you.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Anastacia said...

Yeah for kitties! We use a nice non, clumping, good for the environment litter for our cat, too - though we started using it because of his (multiple) allergies & health issues. Congrats on all the future design projects! Sounds like fun working with Blue Moon - I've yet to use their yarns!

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally share your pain about the pink ballerina in the kitchen picture.
I have MANY pictures of those taken in my home...
-your SP9 pal

8:30 PM  
Blogger Christy said...

My Oct. socks are done. I made 2 Christmas stockings.

7:25 AM  
Blogger Ragan said...

Wow! I finished my October socks, and am working on a brownie point!!! Cute pics!!!!

12:17 PM  
Blogger Erica said...

Wow, your kids faces are starting to look more grown-up...and Sydney looks so tall in that photo! Can't you stunt their growth somehow? (Just kidding!) They are beautiful. As for the bismarck, yes, Owen needs to be taught some respect for his least ask if it has any last requests before destroying it...and humming Taps wouldn't hurt, either.

1:19 PM  
Blogger mf said...

OH NO!!! Am I supose to be emailing each month with socks I've done?? OtOH!!

I've done a quite a few and thought you just linked my blog?? Ekks!

2:38 PM  

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