Monday, October 10, 2005

Two posts in one day?!?

But I'm too excited not to post about this... I was reading Ideaphoria's blog entry about her Portland LYS crawl and discovered that Leigh Radford, author of the fabulous ALTERknits book that just came out, teaches at the LYS Lint. I went to their website to look at their list of classes, and she is teaching a sweater design class! Of course, I immediately got on the phone and signed up (thankfully there was still space - she's limiting the class to 6 people).

Yahoo! She's also teaching a "How To Get Published" class, but that was full, so I missed out there. But, I figure in six weeks in a six-person class, I'll have plenty of time to pick her brain.

Now, how am I going to wait until Nov. 7? Maybe I'll knit some socks...


Blogger Karen said...

Oohh, how cool - I just bought AlterKnits last month in NYC and love it. I can't decide which project in it I want to knit first. The class will be great, and maybe she'll do another "How to Get Published" one next time. You're on your way . . . I can feel it!!

6:24 PM  

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