Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's all about the socks...

I just joined Socktoberfest over on Lolly's blog, and I've decided it's the excuse I need to dedicate October to socks. I've got quite a few I want to knit, and I've got some sock yarn - what more do you need?

My first sock project in Socktober is the Straight Laced pattern in Knit Picks Essential. The color, appropriately enough, is Pumpkin. I started out knitting these as two socks on two circulars as the pattern directs. What a disaster. I was spending so much time untangling the two balls of yarn from each other and from the needles that it was taking me three times as long as it would've on dpns. The final straw was when I knit one half of one sock onto the wrong needle, so I ended up with three sock halves on one needle and only one on the other. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get that sock half back on the right needle and facing the right direction, so I just pulled that sock off. Now I am knitting them, still on the 2 circs, but one at a time. The first one is knitting up fast - I started it in earnest yesterday and I'm already halfway through the cuff. The lace pattern is pretty and easy. Here is a first progress pic, posed prettily over my nice blue Masters Level I folder:

The single sock on 2 circs is working out pretty well. I don't have to worry about tangling, and if I happen to knit a sock half onto the wrong needle, it isn't a fatal error. I can just switch it back and push it to whichever end needs to be knitted next. I might try magic loop, too, just to see if it's easier with one needle instead of two. I also found a pattern for toe-up socks on Knit Picks, which may get me back on the 2 socks on 2 circs horse...we'll see!

I also took this fun little quiz, which I snagged from Lolly's blog. Apparently I am a sock person, or something, although I would never actually wear socks like this!

Super long sock

Wow! You would have been a pair of socks as long as it's possible for socks to be before they're tights - and all multi-coloured with pretty patterns and detail all over the place - then you could stand and admire your sock-self all day!

What type of sock are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I got a little envelope in the mail yesterday, containing these:

Yup, I'm in danger of becoming one of those crazy bumper sticker people. I've never really had bumper stickers on any of my other cars, but Portland seems to be a bumper sticker kinda town, and boy do I love to fit in! I was inspired to go look for the What Would Wellstone Do? sticker after seeing it on a truck in the parking lot of New Seasons. For those of you who don't know, Paul Wellstone was a senator from Minnesota who was killed in a plane crash a couple of years ago. He was known as the most liberal member of the senate, but he was also an all-around great guy with ironclad integrity. Even the most conservative members of congress liked and respected him as a person, even if they didn't agree with his politics. I got to help get him reelected, since I was still living in Minnesota at the time. I remember jumping up and down on the couch crowing gleefully to my mom on the phone while she tried to hide her delight (she was dating a staunch Republican Wellstone-hater at the time). I was so incredibly sad when I found out that he and his wife had died.

I also found a cute little sticker that reads "Breastfeeding In Public Is Not A Crime: Support Breastfeeding Moms", but this of course was after I'd already placed my order. For anyone else who wants to become a crazy bumper sticker person, go to Cafe Press. They truly have something for everyone!

On to some cute kid pics... Here is Sydney wearing my favorite shirt (one that describes her personality perfectly):

It's funny when she wears this shirt out in public - so many people comment on it!

And here's little brother, so he won't feel left out...

We have been giving him mashed bananas with moderate success - he doesn't eat much, but he will eat some and doesn't throw them up afterwards. I tried giving him some cereal this morning that was just mixed with water to see if the formula really was the problem, but he hated it and clamped his lips tighter than a clam shell after the first bite. I'm going to buy some soy formula at the store and see if that makes a difference. I really need to get some food in him - he is getting hungrier and hungrier every day, and I can't take too many more nights of him waking up every hour to eat!

Finally, isn't this the cutest little foot you've ever seen?

I do believe it needs a wee sock knit for it!


Blogger candsmom said...

I love Sydney's shirt- that about sums up toddlerhood, huh? And that IS the cutest little foot! I love baby toes- it's my weird fetish. I feel for you with the nursing all night bit. I was there less than 2 months ago, so the sleep-deprivation is still fresh in my mind. Hang in there! And yay for nursing moms! I'm not a bumper sticker person myself, but I'd put one up loud and proud for breastfeeding. Straight laced is looking excellent!! I've always wondered about the potential for tangling in doing 2 socks at once, and your post pretty much confirmed what I thought could happen. Are you liking the 2 circs better than DPN's? BTW, my apologies about the "Lost" post; I spend way too much time reading blogs, and I must have mixed you up with someone else. So sorry about that!! :(

3:50 PM  
Blogger Erica said...

Don't worry, he'll catch on. My first was hesitant about the food too, but once he got hungry enough, it wasn't a problem. BTW, your kids are adorable.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Lolly said...

Oh, can't wait to see some baby socks! That will be great. Love the stickers!

So glad you joined the group :)

8:04 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

That is the cutest wee little baby foot I have seen in a long, long time. It definitely needs wee little baby socks!

1:15 PM  

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