Friday, May 18, 2007

Sea Socks '08 bookings are open - and going fast!

You'll probably be hearing a lot about the next Sea Socks here over the next few months. Turns out, I'm going to be teaching some workshops on board! I can't wait - me and Amy Singer, co-instructors! Who would've ever guessed? I'll also be designing some exclusive Sea Socks patterns with some of Mama-E's amazing yarn.

Bookings are officially open - you can go to the Sea Socks blog for all the info. There's a menu at the top, and Book Now is one of the options. You can go in there and log in to the Sea Socks group (logging in doesn't commit you to anything - it just gives you access to the pricing and cruise itinerary) to get all the info you need.

I'm all excited about Sea Socks '08 for another reason, which has nothing to do with socks. I've talked my mom into coming to Portland and staying with the kids here while Bill and I go on the cruise - ALONE! It will be our first trip away from the young'uns and will be like a second honeymoon for us. After the luck my mom had on Sea Socks '07, I bet she's secretly relieved to be staying safely in Portland this time around...

You Portlanders out there should be particularly interested in this cruise, since Patricia has arranged for us to depart from Seattle. We will probably take the train up, but regardless there will be no airfare involved which makes the price even more reasonable.

I'm almost done with my shameless promotion, but one last thing - I know it seems early to be booking almost a year in advance, but cabins on the ship fill up fast. Patricia has reserved a chunk of cabins for us Sea Sockers, but we don't have the whole ship and it will fill up fast. Part of the reason why we're leaving the kids at home is that the 4-person balcony cabins are already full. You can save your spot with a deposit right now and don't have to pay in full until Feb '08. You'll have to go to the official Sea Socks site for the details about refundability and all that, but if you want to get in on the fun, you should act soon to ensure your spot.

That is all! I hope to see some of you on the boat next year, where you can help me get Amy drunk and talk her into publishing a dang pattern of mine in Knitty. Think that'll work?


Anonymous Joanne said...

See you on the cruise next year! I'm going back for more. :-)

5:48 PM  

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