Friday, May 18, 2007

Random Facts!

Oh, boy - I haven't been tagged for a meme for ages, and now I get it from both Crafty Momma and Yarnhog within two days of each other! Whew! One asked for seven random facts, and one asked for eight. We'll see how this goes, and you'll get however many I can think of...

1. I grew up in a somewhat technologically-challenged household. We never had a dryer (all our clothes went on the line, even during the winter in MN), we rarely had television and for the longest time, my mom washed all our clothes in a funky old-fashioned ringer washing machine. I was terrified of that thing (my mom scared me out of ever touching it by telling me how my entire arm would get flattened if I put my fingers between the rollers). We did have a microwave and a CD player, however, back when they still cost about $600 apiece.

2. During high school, I taught myself to play every single band instrument, out of sheer boredom. My passion was the clarinet, but my "chosen" instrument was the trombone. On an aside, I was the only girl in the trombone section for a long time. We'd have weekly "sectionals", where each instrument section in the band would go to a practice room and rehearse. The senior boys didn't seem to have a problem talking about their weekend exploits in front of this blushing freshman - I wasn't totally innocent myself, but BOY did I learn a lot! As mother of a boy myself now, I'm sort of glad for this knowledge and am trying to figure out how to use it to my advantage when it comes time to teach my son how (or how not) to treat young women.

3. I was both a cheerleader in high school and Miss Aitkin. Anyone who knows me now but didn't know me then practically falls over dead with surprise when they find this out.

4. My husband and I were set up on a blind date by our moms, of all people. In some cases, mother really does know best!

5. I grew up with a houseful of guns, even though my parents were both vegetarian. I learned to shoot when I was 10 (the same year I learned how to knit) and have fired a shotgun, .22, .357 & .44 Magnum. I'm a pretty good shot, but can't imagine the situation where I would ever fire a gun again.

6. My right foot is slightly bigger than my left. I have to be sure to try on the right shoe of any pair I'm thinking of buying (something I've learned from painful experience).

7. I love roller coasters but I have such bad motion sickness, I can barely ride the carousel with my kids, much less any kind of roller coaster. I still try on occasion, but I always regret it for the rest of the day.

8. I have my PADI Advanced scuba-diving certification, but I also have Meniers Disease, which is an inner-ear condition (likely at least partially responsible for my inability to ride roller coasters) that makes it unsafe to dive. Bill is happy about this, because he never wants to be convinced to give it a try. I've gone diving in Mexico, the British Virgin Islands and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Wow, I made it to eight! I'm impressed with myself. I've got some serious swatching to do (with these calls for submissions, when it rains, it pours - seriously), so I'm tagging everyone who needs something to blog about. Just let me know if you do this so I can come read your random things! Although I think Yarnhog's story about forging Clinton's signature will be hard to beat...


Blogger Tammy said...

Wow, you are only the second person I know with Meniers Disease. My friend Penny has it and she suffers with it often. I can't even imagine what you two go through.

We had one of those roller machines too, and in MN. I think it was in 1973 or so. I don't remember a dryer so we must have had the outdoor lines. We never spent winters in MN though, it was just seasonal work with my grandpa.

Take care.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Polly said...

HEY! I am a PADI rescue diver! Someday we can get together knit and dive!

12:32 AM  

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