Monday, May 01, 2006

End of April sock update

Here are the last socks from April. I will be announcing our lucky winner of some gorgeous Wildefoote (generously donated by Jill) at the end of the post. Let's roll!

Michelle finished up a nice pair of grey basketweavy socks with a cool garter stitch (or is that rev. stockinette? I can't quite tell...) short row heel and star toe.

Adrienne gives us a very cool pair of twisty Socks That Rock socks. With a so-so review of the yarn. Wha? Doesn't like STR? Well, Adrienne, if you have any more of it that you want taken off your hands, I'd be happy to relieve you of it (insert evil laugh here)!

StarzAbove presents a kicky little pair of Miss Em's Jelly Bean Socks. She's also got some spinning wheel p*rn on there, too, for all you spinners (or, for those of you like me who are spinner wanna-be's).

Eva shows off her first pair for the sock-a-month knitalong - Ribble socks!

Okay, stupid Blogger isn't letting me load pictures, so you'll just have to trust me that these are cool socks, and I'll try to update them later. I just don't have the patience right now to try a gazillion different things to get a picture in here. Bleah!

Sock dying genius Wendy finished some lacy socks knit out of yarn from another sock dying goddess - Mama E's Lollygirl!

Tara finished some April Lovely Lace socks and has an excellent (IMHO) diatribe on why Americans should stop whining about high gas prices. Right on!

Kathleen managed to finish those Sockapaloooza socks, just in time. She only has one pictured since she is just too exhausted to post a finished pair right now.

Tiffany finished some gorgeous pink Jaywalkers! Yahoo!

Erica finished a pair of Happy Cotton socks AND had a baby this month! Congrats on your beautiful baby boy! He is just darling.

Roberta did some inter-continental knitting and got two pairs of brownie point socks done while on her European tour.

Emily finished a pair of Norwegian Stockings from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks. YOU HAVE TO GO SEE THESE SOCKS!!! They are absolutely stunning. Wow!

Shelley finished some Feather and Fan socks. Fantastic! She's got a cute kitty pic in there, too.

Carry finished some lovely cable & rib socks for her Sockapaloooza pal. Lucky!

Mary Beth gets a BP for a pair of cabled footies from my new favorite pattern book, One Skein!

Kat finished up some Jaywalkers for her first pair of sock-a-month socks. Yay!

Linda finished up some Sherbert socks. She needs some help figuring out who to knit for next.

Tonia finished some pastel socks that also look pretty sherberty, apart from a little extra purple. Pretty!

Julia finished a pair of Mata Hari socks for her lucky ducky Sockapaloooza pal.

Persnickety Knitter finished some uber-cool Red Sox socks for her hubby.

Ginger gets an A for a lovely little pair of toddler socks for Children In Common, and a * for these French Silk socks for her daughter.

Yvonne shows off her mad skillz with this pair of Sockapaloooza socks. Wow! I bow down to your creativity!

Johanna finished a pair of st st A socks which let the lovely Lang JaWool speak for itself. Yummy!

Jessica has two pairs of BP socks (and yes, the second of the Ottawa socks now has a toe).

Christine finished her first pair of socks ever! Yay! They even match, apart from the toes (which she blames on her cat).

Courtney finished up her Yukon Leaves Sockapaloooza socks.

Kristy finished some rockin' Fixation socks. Again, due to Blogger's refusal to load pictures today, I can't show them to you. Sigh.

And last but not least, Crazy Basket Lady finished up some nice stripey socks out of some mystery yarn.

Whew! That's a whole lotta socks! And now for our winner - drumroll please - it is...

Lauren! Congrats, and e-mail me your addy so I can get that yarn out! Of course, I just got poor Persnickety Knitter's prize yarn for March packaged up today, but I will try to be better with the April prize. Promise!

Thanks for all your heavy duty socking this month, and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for May! Sock on!


Blogger Lauren said...

Wow! I'm so excited! Thanks so much for doing all this, it is so much fun seeing all the socks - you're awesome!

2:05 PM  
Blogger Shelley said...

So many great socks knit by so many great knitters!

5:43 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

OH! I updated my blog, but thanks to class didn't get to let you know that I finished my April socks! Whoo hoo!

Now I'm on to May socks, so here is my "commitment" to make some for May! :D

5:53 PM  
Blogger Adelle said...

Just finished some for May...

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Siri said...

One last pair, my Sockapal3za socks, for April here:

12:13 PM  

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