Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm in serious sugar shock.

Well, yesterday was an interesting day, to say the least. I was up early, doing my sock update, and had Bill stay upstairs with the kids while I finished up. They come down about 10 minutes later, and Bill is rubbing his neck. Turns out, he somehow managed to pinch a nerve and was nearly incapacitated. After he couldn't manage to take his shirt off to get in the shower, we decided he needed to go to the emergency room. We packed the kids up, dropped them off at the grandparents', and headed to the hospital.

One good thing about going to the emergency room on Easter morning is it's a ghost town. We were in and out in under two hours. Our previous visits, which were with a sick kid in the middle of the night, were at least five hours long. Anyway, they confirmed that Bill has a pinched nerve in his neck and gave him Vicodin and Valium to try to get it to loosen up and stop hurting. Unfortunately, the drugs haven't been working too well (other than at making him nauseous and groggy).

We go back over to his parents' house and find out that my brother-in-law's wife was up all night with a severe sore throat. Everyone kind of goes back and forth on whether she should come join us for the festivites, but I finally put my foot down and say that we just can't take the chance that she's contagious. I love Katie to death, but if Owen gets a sore throat that keeps him up all night, his method of dealing with the pain will be to scream all night.

So our Easter consists of Sydney eating nothing but chocolate all day and turning into a hyperactive little sugar monster (you know the cartoons where they show spirals in place of eyes? That was her.) Bill sits in the recliner all day, moaning in pain and pretty much unable to move or get comfortable. Chris (my brother-in-law) shuttles food back and forth between his sick wife and the rest of the family. The weather alternates between sunny blue skies and torrential hail. We managed to hide eggs and have a little egg hunt in a patch of sunny weather, but in the rush to the hospital, I forgot to throw the camera in the bag. I did happen to have the video camera in the diaper bag for some unknown reason, so I did get it on video. On the way home, the drugs make Bill so nauseous that he has to ride with a bucket on his lap. Fortunately he didn't actually have to use it... What a day!

I did get some cute pictures on Saturday morning, when we had our egg dying session. It was quite the process.

We also turned Owen into a bumblebee...

And Sydney into some kind of weird lemur (or a bat - we can't tell which).

I think this picture speaks for itself (and explains why I'm always exhausted):

Owen got turned upside-down...

...and took a little nap when it was all over with.

I must say, today is turning out to be a bit better than yesterday was, at least for me (Bill is still suffering and took the day off to try to recuperate - it's bad timing since he's supposed to be running in the Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon this Sunday and we planned an entire trip to LA around that event...). I had my little excursion out to Blue Moon Fiber Arts world headquarters this morning. Can I just say one word? Wow!

I had no idea what to expect, but I certainly didn't think that Blue Moon was as much of a cottage industry as it is. Literally, it runs out of Tina Newton's house. Part of the house, which I think used to be an attached garage, is converted into the yarn dying area. There is literally yarn everywhere. It was crazy. And so pretty. Then you go through a baby gate and you're in her kitchen.

We sat down in her living room with Kaci, who is her business partner, and started talking about yarn. And we talked, and talked, and talked. Tina's youngest daughter, who is 9 (I think) and a total sweetheart, took Sydney to her room and kept her pretty well entertained the whole time we were there. Owen was roaming around, trying to pull knitting needles out of baskets (which were numerous). I'd brought a few of my other designs with, including the one I just sent off to Knitty, and they went absolutely nuts for it. So if it doesn't show up in Knitty (and, I think, even if it does), they're going to sell a Blue Moon version of it. I also brought along the sock that I knit out of the Mama-E yarn. They hadn't been so crazy about it in the pictures I sent them, but they loved it in person. It's funny how much better you can get a sense for something when you're able to hold it and stretch it, etc. Which is why I hope magazines don't start insisting on electronic submissions only. E-submissions are easier all the way around, but I think it's harder to make your stuff look how it really looks in person.

After we'd talked awhile, Tina started pulling out yarn for me to play with. As in, take home and swatch with. Check it out:

Yes, folks, they gave me 17 hanks of yarn plus an entire undyed cone. My head is still spinning. There is one unpictured because it was fresh out of the dye pot and I had to hang it up to finish drying. It's a lovely silk/mohair/nylon blend. There's also a boucle, three hanks of Socks That Rock, an undyed hank of Sock Candy (their cotton sock yarn), three hanks of wool for felting, their new bamboo yarn (which is SO nice) and a bunch of others. They're all spread out on my dining room table and I swoon every time I walk by. Tina also said that they're quite willing to give yarn as a second form of payment with the designs. I am quite giddy at the thought!

They're going to be offering more of their yarns on their website, but they're such a small company that they have to be careful what they promote and when. Otherwise, there's a run on the bank and they can't keep up with the demand! A good problem to have, for sure, until you have unhappy customers because they can't get their yarn. Anyway, they are a great bunch of women and such an amazing small business. I am just delighted to have a chance to work with them. Can you tell I'm a bit in love?

Time to stop gushing and get back to my knitting. The Mag Knits project is finally done, and despite all my reservations, I think it turned out fabulous. I wasn't sure I was going to like it at several points during the knitting of it, but I love the finished product. Stay tuned in June when you all will get to see it.

Also, my friend Chris (aka the indiscreet nursing mama who got harassed in Fred Meyer) has started a blog, The Reluctant Lactivist, where she's posting updates on the situation as they happen. Go check it out and give her your support. Flood Fred Meyer/Kroger Inc with letters telling them they should support nursing moms in their stores instead of humiliating them. We women can change the world if we take the time to do it!!!

Owen's awake - time to run!


Blogger Karen said...

Wow, that trip to Blue Moon sounds like a dream . . . and look at the loot you came home with. That will really get your creative juices flowing!! I hope Bill is feeling much better soon - a pinched nerve does not sound like fun.

7:07 PM  
Blogger shizzknits said...

I"m jealous to hear you took a trip to BMFA! Sounds like you had a lot of fun and look at that yarn you came home with- no fair! :)

Sorry to hear about Bill and the pinched nerve. Have you tried chiropractic or accupuncture? Both work better than drugs for pinched nerves.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Siri said...

Oh dear! Easter with kids is crazy enough what with the sugar and excitement, but you had so much more going on than the rest of us. The sugar meltdown here last night and this morning was almost unbearable even without any extras.
I've forgotten until just now about letting you know about some socks from this month, so here goes:
and here:
I've been outraged by the treatment your friend got at Fred Meyer. I'm going to have to go and check out her site. I discussed this with a friend of ours who was our midwife yesterday during our Easter festivities. She has an 11 month old breastfeeding daughter, their first child, and she's decided that she's going to start working doing breastfeeding support and awareness instead, now that she's essentially passed her practice on to one of her partners.
Love the pictures of the kids, too, especially the one where they're literally coming and going at the same time. Classic. That captures it perfectly.
Your trip to BMFA = Jealousy. What fun!

10:53 PM  
Blogger candsmom said...

Poor Bill! I hope he's feeling better soon. What an ordeal to have to go through- and on Easter, on top of that. Your BMFA experience sounded amazing!! That yarn is blowing my mind and I'm so happy that everything is working out with you designing for them. That's so awesome! Take care, Chrissy! :-)

1:24 AM  
Blogger msubulldog said...

HOLY COW, look at that yarn!!! I've never wanted to roll around on someone's dining room table before now . . . *grin*

I love the picture of Sydney and Owen heading opposite directions! :) We're still in sugar shock around here, too. Ugh.

Hope Bill feels better soon. Pinched nerves are awful. :(

7:37 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

What a fun trip to Blue Moon! It's amazing how much yarn they can dye up considering the size of the operation. I'm glad they liked your stuff.

We are in sugar shock here too! I'm glad your husband is recovering, although I know how much pain he's in.

Have a good week!

9:46 AM  
Blogger keohinani said...

omg, the perks of being a designer! *droolage* wow, chrissy. too bad you couldn't take pictures of the place! man, i just cannot stop drooling!!!! 17 hanks of yarn!?!?!? SO LUCKY! imma have to schedule a visit one of these days so you can take me to all the yarn places you know.
the thought of sydney running around with spiral eyes was funny :) such cute kiddies. and i love how the couch bill is sitting on "hides" the kiddie mess. don't worry, that will be exactly what my house will look like when i have kids, but not so bad; i'll probably still have my dogs, too. ;)

10:28 AM  
Blogger Bitterknitter said...

Let's see if I can type through the slog of drool at your haul from BMFA! Wow! Can't wait to see what all that grows up to be! I sincerely hope that Bill makes a speedy recovery. Vicodin and Valium are NO FUN!

Take care!

11:20 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Oh so sorry to hear that Bill is having pinched nerve issues. And here I thought that vicodin was supposed to make you feel... well, better. Hopefully the drug effects will kick in and the side effects will wane because I certainly want to see you guys this weekend!

OMG, can I come roll around in your stashette of Blue Moon yarn? Sounds like a great experience and I hope you can become their own in-house designer. how great would that be?

12:07 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

I've just been lurking around some knitting blogs and I was mesmerized by your picture from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I currently have a yarn order coming from them and now I'm more excited than before to receive it. It's nice to hear some "behind the scenes" information about them to. Happy knitting.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw your pattern on Spunmag and had to visit your blog. YEAH a local artist/designer/knitter/mom, etc. I love the pattern and will try it out as soon as I have control of the too many UFO's right now.

How cool to go to BMFA, aren't Tina and Kaci such nice women? Tina used to be in our homeschool moms knitting group, the BMFA exploded and she has been busy ever since.

Hope your hubby is feeling better. You guys have a good weekend. Tammy

9:31 AM  

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