Sunday, April 16, 2006

Here they are!

Grab a cup of coffee and settle yourself in your favorite surfing chair - this baby's gonna be long! Without further ado, here are your sock updates for the week:

Jenni finished some GORGEOUS Canal du Midi socks in a lovely Socks That Rock colorway. Yummy!

Jamie knit up some cozy orange fuzzy feet.

Karen knit up EIGHT more pairs of baby socks. She's got one more week before they all need to be mailed in, so we'll see how many more she gets done. Whew! She now has 21 brownie points.

Zonda finished a tasty pair of Neapolitan socks.

Mary Beth finished up some wild 'n crazy Happy Socks AND got to see the Yarn Harlot do a reading. Lucky duck!

Monica gets her first brownie point for a lovely pair of cable & rib socks.

Lisa finished some Jaywalkers and is not overly impressed with the world's most popular sock pattern.

Amanda crocheted some Tap Socks. Hmm, crocheted socks. Now, there's an idea...

Julia, who forgot she signed up for this knit-along waaaay back when, is doing some catching up. She has some Jaywalkers for February and some Cheerful Socks for March.

Beth finished up some Happy Feet socks that are colored very appropriately for the Easter sock update!

Jill, who has a gajillion socks on the needles right now, finished up some Thomas the Tank Engine socks. Sydney would approve.

Living Lakeside finished a beauty of a pair of Sock Memories socks in the Gramma colorway.

Lolly knit some Fixation socks for her mom's birthday.

Lauren conquered the yarn-over cabled socks from Sensational Knitted socks, and they are fabulous!

Ragan managed to finish some little people socks, even while being traumatized by her Jaywalkers.

Sheri finished some Yukon Leaves socks for her lucky Sockapaloooza pal. She has a pic of one of them up now, and promises to have the completed pair posted sometime today!

Virtuella finished a cute, colorful pair of Blueberry Waffle socks. Mmm, blueberry waffles! I'm hungry, can you tell?

Sillyewe finished a pair of the P-word socks (love the socks, hate spelling the name!) and managed to free herself from a sticky situation (hee hee! Funny story alert!).

Elizabeth finished some rib and cable socks that I want on my feet RIGHT NOW! My feet are cold. Poor me.

Whew! That is it for this week. I even managed to get it all done before the family woke up. Amazing! We are off to celebrate Easter at the grandparents' house and will be back with lots of pictures of eggy fun (and unhappy tummies from all the chocolate). It even looks like the weather will be nice enough for an outdoor egg hunt. Assuming everyone gets up before the clouds roll in (which is a big assumption around here).

For some reason, talking about Easter always makes me think of a term my mom uses - "C&Es". Mom is a church organist and choir director, and apparently C&Es is the term used for those folks who only make it to church on Christmas and Easter. So this morning (right now, in fact), Mom is making pretty music for all her regulars along with the reliable influx of C&Es. Here at Chez Knittin' Mom, we don't consider ourselves C&Es because of the fact that we don't go to church at all... We've tried, but most churches are either too old (as in, everyone in the congregation is 20 years older than us) or, more likely, too conservative, particularly on the topic of gay marriage (which I strongly support - BTW, anyone who is like-minded should check out the HBO documentary "All Aboard! Rosie's Family Cruise" - it is FANTASTIC). Politics aside, Easter in our house generally means eggs, lots of chocolate, and a big family dinner. It's a very special holiday for us.

Happy Easter, everyone, however you celebrate!


Anonymous pixeldiva said...

Three months later than I'd intended, but I've finally finished my first pair of socks!

Full story:

9:42 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Have a peaceful Easter!

10:43 AM  
Blogger Cece said...

Hope you had a great dinner!

I've posted my April socks - they were trade socks... fun to knit! You can find them here ( )

4:50 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Happy Easter to you too! It's funny you mention C&E's. DF is almost one you might call the anti-C&E catholic. The kind who's less likely to make it to church on C&E than on any other Sunday through the year. We did make it yesterday though, and I always wonder, wow, where did all these people come from?

No chocolate for us, but a whole lotta duck gumbo. MMM!

12:35 PM  
Blogger CarryFairie said...

Thanks for posting the info on All Aboard! I hadn't heard about it. Bummer I don't have HBO, I'll have to wait for the video. :)

7:52 PM  

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